5 Facts About Google Algorithm

Google uses algorithms to determine how to rank websites on search results. When you search for something in Google, the algorithms will review trillions of pages and find the information you’re looking for. They basically do all the filtering of information for you within seconds.

Algorithms don’t just read the content on the page before determining if it answers your query, they check how recent the information was, whether it is likely to be spam and if the location is relevant to the user among other factors. All these things matter if you are trying to rank your website. Understanding how Google algorithms work is key to a successful SEO campaign.

Algorithm Changes Are Made More Than 500 Times Every Year

There are so many updates that are made to Google algorithm but most of them we never ever get to hear because they are very minor. The changes are made as the number of online users increases and with the new changes in the way people search. For instance, today’s users are using their mobile devices to search even more which is why they had to be updated in order to crackdown pages that were not mobile friendly. Voice search has also increased over the years making it necessary for Google to update its algorithm.

Algorithms Are More Focused On Providing A Great User Experience

One of the main reasons that Google developed an algorithm and keeps on updating it is to eliminate spammy content from search and ensure they deliver the best to users. Google strives to ensure that any content provided on search is of extremely high quality. Even though their business model is based on advertising, they claim that giving advertisers prominence on search results can greatly interfere with user experience. That is why on every page, organic search results are more than advertisements.

Google Page Rank Is An Important Factor In Ranking Websites

Google Page Rank is given based on how relevant a page is considered by this search engine. Google looks at the links that are between pages to determine its relevance. It works like a voting system. When a site links back to your site, it acts as a vote towards its authority. The more votes the site has, the more authority it’s given on SERPs.

There’s No Formal Naming Method For Google’s Algorithms

You’ve heard of the Penguin, Panda and now Hummingbird as Google’s algorithm updates. As much as many would want to believe that these names are chosen based on a certain method created by Google, they are just random names.

Algorithms Take Into Account Image Search

Because Google wants to provide the best content to its users, including images, it takes into account image search in its algorithms. With the ever-increasing numbers of visual searchers, companies that want to rank top should ensure they provide high quality, unique and SEO friendly images on their websites because they will appear on SERPs. The algorithms are even smart enough to detect various elements and objects within an image.

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