7 Cost-Effective Methods for Improving SEO

Looking to reel in more visitors to your Ottawa-based site? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a leading form of online marketing that will be sure to help you out. SEO strategies come in many different shapes and forms; some are more easily implemented, some are more effective, and some cost more. Here are seven cost-effective ways to help you start boosting your site’s SEO potential:

  1. Remedy 404 Errors

Nobody likes to be greeted by a stubborn error page when trying to navigate a site. Whether you need to reassess the quality of your link or workaround the issue with a 301 redirect, this is a significant factor that can turn away visitors; just as importantly, broken links can upset search engine crawlers.

  1. Update Your Site Frequently

Offering high-quality content that is both fresh and relevant will help keep your loyal visitors coming back for more. Search engines also tend to favour sites that offer newer content over ones that let themselves go stale; consider adding articles or a blog if the majority of your site needs to stay as is.

  1. Pay Attention to Mobiles

Too many Ottawa site owners are underestimating the value of mobile optimization. The number of users browsing on a mobile platform has only proliferated over the years. Optimizing your site for these devices will not only please the majority of users but will increase your search engine rankings as well.

  1. Avoid Duplicate Content

Most cases of duplicated content are due to issues with canonicalization. You want to ensure that these issues get fixed before search engine crawlers wrongfully condemn you for bloating your site with what appears to be useless, replicated pages. Consider replacing actual duplicate content with something fresh, unique, and relevant to give your site more depth and to please the search engine crawlers.

  1. Don’t Forget Social Media

Integrating the relevant share buttons into the various pages of your site will often earn you links and improve your site’s overall authority. Remember that you can only benefit from subtly and professionally implementing share icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, reddit, LinkedIn, etc.

  1. Use the Optimal Keywords

Optimizing your Ottawa site for keywords that are relevant but not overly general or popular is key. You want specific keywords that prospective visitors are likely to use when looking for a site like yours; something too general or popular will only get lost in the flood of other sites that are using those words.

  1. Linking Within Your Site

Having your site nicely bound together with internal links will help search engines to better understand the associations within your site and will allow visitors to find related content more easily. Attempt to link relevant pages for the best user experience and SEO results.

If you follow even just some of these basic guidelines, you should see a healthy bump in your site’s SEO success. The competition in Ottawa can be persistent, so consider refining these various aspects of your website before they do!

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