A Simple Overview Of Google Search Console

It’s important to keep track of any tools that can help you maintain a top ranking on Google. You’ve probably heard of Google Analytics and how it’s a very integral tool when it comes to reporting and tracking website performance. Another free tool that provides you with a wealth of data which you can use to analyze your SEO efforts is Google Search Console.

What Is Google Search Console?

In simple terms, this is a tool that enables one to keep track of their web pages visibility by providing detailed reports on various metrics. It provides a lot of data including, the number of backlinks you have, sitemaps created and crawling errors found. You can even get search queries that are relevant to your web pages on Google Search Console.

Data Highlighter

Google Search Console has a structured data section as well as a highlighter section on the menu item. The highlighter section allows you to fix any issues that were found on the structured data section easily. For instance, if you discovered some URLs with errors in data set-up, you can quickly fix them in this section by telling the console the specific information that you want to highlight. It basically makes your work of structuring data on your website faster and more effective.

Search Appearance

Google Search Console has a feature that enables you to see how your website appears on search results. You can view the title, snippet and links that appear whenever people see your web pages and even make edits to increase traffic to your website.

Search Traffic

The Console allows you to monitor the traffic you are getting from search. You will see the web pages that are driving the most traffic to your website. You can then review the content on these pages and figure out what your users would like you to share more often.

Google Index

It’s important to always keep track of the pages on your website that have been indexed by Google. You can do this using this feature on the menu item. You can check how many pages have been indexed and even make changes to ensure that your whole site is indexed. Remember that updating your site with content on a regular basis helps to ensure that search engines crawl more often. It eventually boosts your site traffic.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

If you want your web pages to be very accessible using mobile devices, you can use this feature. It allows you to create matching pages using proper schema and link them properly to the main page. You can also use the Google Search Console to review any errors on the AMP pages. You can quickly find any issues on your website and fix them.

Using the Google Search Console, you can quickly optimize your site’s appearance and make it clearer for search engines. Optimizing a website’s appearance will not only improve its rankings but also boost conversion rates. People will want to click from one page to the next when the entire website is well optimized.

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