Benefits Of Using Excerpts On Your Blog Posts And Webpages

Excerpts are simply summaries of a particular page or blog post that appear whenever the content is archived. An excerpt can be a nice way to attract your reader’s interests and get them to want to read the content on that page. Unlike what people believe, excerpts are not viewed as duplicate content by search engines. Having excerpts, especially if you have archived pages on your website, can actually help to create an extra page with unique content. It also helps to prevent duplication even though it’s quite involving because it means coming up with a summary for all your blog posts.

Highlight Content Of A Post

Some platforms like WordPress usually take the first 55 words of the post and use it as the excerpt if you fail to create a custom one. This helps to highlight the content of the post. With this excerpt, users can tell what to except when they click the “read more” button. Custom excerpts are always a good idea because you can use it as a teaser. Furthermore, if the first 55 words on your post contain a picture or video, the flow of content can be messed.

Can Act As Your Page Description

Sometimes you can use the meta description of that page as the excerpt. This helps to ensure that you’ve described the post fully including important keywords that users are likely to search for online. The excerpt can double up as your page description. This means that once you fill the excerpt field, you wouldn’t have to worry about the descriptions section.

Start To Take Control

Excerpts can really help you to boost traffic to your website pages. The first step is to make a decision to always write excerpts for every new post you publish on your website from now on. Make sure the excerpt entices the reader to want to read more. You may include the keyword as well just in case it gets picked by search engines.

The second step is to review all your existing posts and start writing excerpts for them too. The best way to do this is to write excerpts for these pages manually. But this depends on the number of posts you have. For bigger websites, this may not be feasible. You can look for plugins that can help you to review excerpts for your existing posts and change them where necessary.

Be Cautious When Creating Excerpts

Don’t be in a rush to create excerpts that will not interest your readers. They can easily end up on social media or search engine result pages and help you to boost conversion rates. Excerpts are really an important component of your website content that may be used in areas where your users are likely to convert. Having custom summaries of every post will definitely beat the automatically generated excerpts any time. So spend a little time going over your blog posts and creating excerpts that boost your traffic and visibility.

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