Does Your Ottawa Business Have a Twitter Account? Here is How You Can Use it for SEO

Since search engines have partnered with Twitter, the online Ottawa community is now wondering how to use the social media giant for SEO. Only a small percentage of Tweets are showing up in rankings now, so  you need to really come up with something that the search engines will index and place in a high ranking spot.

How can you turn 140 characters or less into SEO bait? Here are some tips to improve your Twitter strategy:

– First things first, make sure you have a good handle/username. It needs to be short, easy to remember, and represent your business/industry. If you have a small, start-up company, you might want to use a combination of the business name with a popular keyword. Since many people haven’t yet heard of you, give them some idea of what you’re all about. Keep in mind that consistent branding across all social media channels is important, so if you already have a certain handle you use on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., use that same handle on Twitter.

– Twitter indexes bios regularly, so if you make any changes to your bio, link, or photo, your relevance score in search engines may be affected. It’s important that you update the bio on a regular basis to match the type of content you plan on Tweeting about. If you are involved in any event or campaign, be sure to include relevant hashtags and keywords in the bio. This will help you show up more in search engine and Twitter searches.

– Always have a list of keywords that you should use in your Tweets and hashtags. You do not want to spam or over-tag a single Tweet. Twitter recommends that you use no more than two hashtags per Tweet. For consistency, use the same keywords that you are being used in the metadata of your website or blog. They should always be relevant to the topic you are Tweeting about. You should also use relevant keywords in your bio.

– Retweeting is an indicator of relevance of a particular post, and relevance is important in search engine optimization. You will want to encourage retweets, but not be pushy about it. It’s okay to give followers and readers a slight nudge by asking for a retweet, just as long as you don’t overdo it. Just add “please retweet” or something similar on a few Tweets here and there. Don’t ask every single time. Only ask with informative Tweets that contain useful information. Don’t keep forcing sales pitches or links onto your followers.

– It helps to keep up on trends. Have somebody in your company spend a few minutes a day checking out the trends on Twitter. It helps to do some ReTweeting yourself whenever you read a quality post about the type of industry you’re involved in. This helps to increase your own company’s relevance in your industry.

These are just a few of the many ways you can optimize your Twitter account for search engine marketing in Ottawa. When it comes to SEO, brand awareness is extremely important. You must establish yourself and your company as authorities in your niche.

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