Going Viral in Ottawa: How to Make Your SEO Content Shareable

Some people would consider “going viral” akin to winning the lottery. Millions of people put out new content, posts, images, and videos on the internet every single day. What is it about the few that go viral that makes them stand apart from all the others? If you run a local company and simply want to focus your SEO strategy in Ottawa, going viral is more feasible. However, you must still create engaging content that locals will want to share.

In order to create “contagious” content, you must understand the characteristics of it. In general, viral content:

– Evokes positive emotions

– Is easy to understand

– Creates a feeling of connection with the reader

– Is easy to share

– Appeals to not only a specific topic, but to a broader, universal interest as well

– Is created in a way that makes it generate more value when shared

– Has a “newsworthy” appearance

– Is in a media format that allows for it to be easily and quickly consumed

Understanding Your Target Audience

How can you create content that people will want to share if you don’t even understand what they’re looking for? All of your marketing efforts will be in vain if you don’t know exactly who you are marketing to. This is why doing some demographic research is beneficial. The content needs to be created in a way that they will understand. Use words that will draw them in. Answer questions that you know your target audience will be asking.

Come Up with a Great Title

Whether your content is a video, report, blog post, article, etc…, it MUST have an interesting title that will attract attention. It’s the first thing anybody is going to notice. Use a relevant keyword phrase somewhere in the title. There are some title creation tools you might want to check out as well. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that the title really does accurately represent the content. The content should fulfill what the title promises.

Maintain a Positive Vibe with the Content

Positive content tends to do better than negative content. Even if the topic itself isn’t particularly positive, you can still try to add a positive spin to it by making the reader feel hopeful and excited.

Optimizing the Content

Always keep SEO in mind when you create content. Use the right keywords and put them in all the right places. Create a short, concise summary or description using at least one important keyword. In social media posts, use keywords for the tags. Images should be optimized as well. Any videos you create should contain a link to your site people can click on at the end.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

It’s okay to test multiple ideas. What information should you provide to readers? Which topics should you focus on? Learn from trial and error. If one format or style does not perform well, try another format or style. Every time you create content, think about whether or not it presents new information, or if it’s just old information you are trying to rehash in a novel way?

Once again, you can increase your chances of going viral if you stick with a specific location. Put your focus on SEO in Ottawa and create content for the local audience rather than trying to create content for the entire world.

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