How Can Your Ottawa Business Create Interesting and Engaging SEO Blog Posts?

A company blog should be more than just a place to promote services and products. If that’s all it is, you need to take a better approach.  There are many Ottawa companies engaging in SEO practices, so if you want to stay one step ahead, you must dedicate time and energy into creating and maintaining an informative blog. Put some thought into each and every blog post you create; don’t just use blogging as an excuse to spam.

You need to create interesting content that readers will want to share and comment on.

Here are some ways you can create blog posts that are likeable, linkable, and engaging:

– Consider the length of the post. You will want to provide search engines with ample text to crawl through. Plus, the longer the post, the more keywords you can use. At the same time, you don’t want a post to be too long – it’s not like you’re posting an e-book. The average internet user has a pretty short attention span. For written posts, 400 should be the minimum. Don’t go over 2,000 – 3,000 words.

– Make the content easy to read by using bullet points and images. Highlight or bold important pieces of text. If you just throw up a huge block of text all in the same font and style, nobody will want to sit there and read it all. People like to scan over information to see if anything draws their attention. Break chunks of text up whenever and wherever possible.

– Don’t underestimate the importance of images. As long as your blog post has at least one image, it will get a lot more views than it would if it had no image. Images are important for readers and search engine crawlers both. You can optimize them just as you can with text. Images make the content more engaging.

– Keywords are still an important part of blog posts; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It pays to do a bit of keyword research. Use a variety of keywords strategically. In addition to the body of the content itself, you should also use them in the title, URL, meta-data, image names and captions, headings, sub-headings, etc. Just don’t use the same keyword too frequently, as you wouldn’t want to get accused of spamming. Even if it’s your own blog, keyword overuse will get you penalized from the search engines.

– Make the content about the readers – not about yourself. Give them information they are actually interested in. Try to answer questions that people ask about the industry you’re involved in. Consider the problems your audience may have and offer solutions in your posts. If the reader gains valuable information from your blog, they will be more likely to share it and “like” it.

– Create your own infographics. Don’t just rely on stock photos for every single blog post. Try to show the points you want to make in addition to writing about them. Charts and graphs are easy to make in most document programs. If you don’t want to make them yourself, have an employee make them for you.

You now have some insight on how to create engaging blog posts. You can be sure that some if not all of your competitors are using blogs as part of their SEO Ottawa campaign – so you need to create a blog and come up with the most engaging posts possible.

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