How Does Page Load Time Affect SEO and Conversions?

When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO, the loading times of your pages is a vital factor when seeking mass popularity and success. The online competition in Ottawa is quickly catching on to the benefits of keeping a site lightning-fast. Read along to learn about how a sluggish browsing experience can hamper your website’s ability to realize its full potential.


With the current state of technology, people no longer view cumbersome load times as acceptable. If a page is taking too long to load, users can become frustrated quite easily and look for alternatives. This could only mean a matter of a few seconds wait before a user moves on and closes your site altogether. You have to keep in mind that the standards for speed have been raised considerably and that the internet contains such a vast amount of information that similar content exists almost everywhere; in other words, unbearably slow load times could cause a promising visitor to move on to a competitor’s site that offers similar services without the hassle of a slow, unresponsive site.


This point goes hand in hand with user-friendliness. Overly long load times can often lead users to believe that a website is either incompatible with their device or browser or that the website suffers from bugs and errors. Some may even assume that the servers are down for maintenance reasons. Many will apply this line of thinking when it comes to pages that load slowly, causing people to believe that your site is not functional in one way or another. Remember that your load times might seem even worse than they are if users have slower internet connections or less competent processors in their devices. This only makes having a rapid website all the more pivotal.


Besides upsetting prospective visitors, slower page load times can lead to less visitors discovering your Ottawa-based website altogether. To offer the best browsing experience, Google and other major search engines have narrowed down many of the factors that attract and repel internet users; page load times unsurprisingly account for one of these factors. While other aspects of your site remain more impactful and page load times are not the be-all and end-all of SEO, you need to remember that they do matter. When considering user-friendliness and search rankings combined, lacklustre loading times can deal a devastating blow to your website’s potential traffic in the short and long run.


Regularly having users leave your website and having a lower search ranking will obviously impede your Ottawa site’s success in another way: by reducing your conversions. A lower ranking means less visitors and less opportunities to convert users. On the other hand, having users leave your website prematurely thanks to slow load times will certainly increase your bounce rate and lower your conversion rate. As you can see, having faster page load times is purely beneficial slow load times equate to a lose-lose scenario. It is also good to remember that the more visitors you draw in can mean more visitors by proxy. If a user leaves your site satisfied they may spread the word, possibly leading to a domino-effect of traffic and conversions.

Clearly fast load times can be advantageous for any website operating out of Ottawa. If you think your website might be hindered by horrendous load times, look into improving them sooner rather than later!

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