How Is My Bounce Rate Undermining My SEO Campaign?

For many Ottawa website owners, conversions are the most desirable end result when it comes to someone visiting their site while “bounces” are the least desirable end result. A “bounce rate” refers to the ratio of site visitors who leave a site promptly after entering it. This can occasionally be a mistake on the user’s end (e.g. they accidentally left or never meant to click your link in the first place), but more often than not, the user may not be impressed with some aspect of your site; factors that increase bounce rate include long load times, clumsy site interfaces, misrepresentative advertisements, or simply unappealing content (i.e. autoplay videos, low-quality information and services, or unprofessional aesthetics). Read ahead to learn more about how bounce rate is holding your site back in its SEO campaign.

Impact on Traffic and Users

Most users are unlikely to visit your website after they have already “bounced” from it. This not only means you are less likely to acquire initial conversions, but you can also expect less repeat visits, traffic, and conversions in the long term. As mentioned before, a high bounce rate could be hinting at a larger problem with your website and if this problem remains unfixed your bounce rate could stay the same or even increase regardless of whether or not you boost your traffic and rankings. To beat out the competition in Ottawa, you will want to remedy these fundamental problems as soon as possible.

Impact on Consumer Networking and Sharing

Word of mouth, social media, and similar modes of communication are unlikely to do you any favours when your bounce rate is too high. If anything users might offer negative reviews and feedback with regard to your site, turning others away before they even make an initial visit. Even those who don’t bounce but browse your site and convert may not spread the word about your site if it has enough issues. You want to keep in mind that sharing and networking are pivotal when it comes to gaining mass popularity, and if some people are unimpressed with your site, you can expect more to follow suit.

Impact on Search Engine Rankings

While Google has neither confirmed nor denied if bounce rate has an effect on a site’s SEO, it is hard to refute that there is an indirect correlation between bounce rate and search engine rankings. Basically, the variety of underlying problems that can cause a high bounce rate can also cause your site to fall in the search rankings. Excessive load times, irrelevant content, unappealing content, poor site design and more will simultaneously increase your bounce rate and lower your SEO potential. Fixing these issues will therefore impress the search engine crawlers and will likely lead to more long-term visitors as well.

When it comes to bounce rates, it is better to find a solution as quick as possible to avoid turning away would-be valuable visitors. Don’t let this important variable get the best of your Ottawa site; check your bounce rate through Google Analytics or a similar tracking software today and get started on improving and optimizing your site!

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