How Social Media Can Help Your SEO

Social media is one of the top used internet applications used today. By combining SEO with your social media accounts, you can bring you a lot more exposure not just in terms of followers but also in search engine results. Business owners in Ottawa can use social media not only to gain a bigger audience, but also to help their website achieve a higher ranking.

Most people visit their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts every day – but there are less likely to visit specific business websites on a regular basis. By being engaged on social media, you are able to better stay in front of your audience. And when you link back to your website on your social media posts, it can help you drive more traffic to your website.

And for search engines, more traffic equals higher rankings. And higher rankings equal more traffic!

Additionally, if you have really good quality information and links in your social media – followers won’t just click through to your site, but they’ll also share your post with their network thereby driving even more traffic!

How To Use Social Media To Gain That Boost?

There are several ways to boost your company’s SEO in Ottawa using social media here are a few that will help you get started:

  • Increasing the number of followers you have – You may think that buying some followers will help you increase the numbers quickly however do not do that as the search engines such as Google have provisions that can distinguish the value of your followers. It is much better to grow your followers with good quality content that is optimized for your audience on a daily basis.
  • Quality outside links – using social media you can inspire more outside links back to you, which makes you more of an expert on the subject. However not all outside links are equal, just like with followers the search engines have a criteria that is used to rank those outside links. This is something like followers you want to build slowly with daily quality updates and contents to your social media page.
  • Optimizing your post for searches – This uses a strong anchor for your post such as a video, picture, or a link that is well written in the form of a tease that is linked to a full article. Something like “The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat will Shock You!” then link that to the full article. Do not forget to frame your post with optimized text such as lose belly fat.
  • Social sharing – sharing adds to a site’s authority much in the same way that outside links do. So 5 likes and shares are good but imagine what 1000 likes, shares, or retweets would do for your authority. Offering an entry into a sweepstakes or raffle is a great way to appeal to people sharing your post.
  • Localized posts – these are were you post about your involvement in a benefit or other local Ottawa community event and interacting with other local brands and businesses to call attention to your Ottawa community.

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