How To Gain Victory On The SEO Battlefield

In many ways, search engine optimization is a battlefield. Both SEO and warfare require strategies, tactics, hard work, and knowledge about the enemy or competitor. And the enemy isn’t always your competitors in SEO. You could be your own worst enemy.

Conquering the top spot in the search engine rankings isn’t an easy quest. You must have an unbeatable strategy, implementable tactics, and a lot of knowledge. The fight to the top can take a long time, but victory can be achieved if you do everything right.

Here are some lessons about warfare that can help you with your SEO efforts.

Tactics and strategy must both be clearly defined.

You must have a strategic foundation that includes tactics such as local SEO, blogging, PPC, and other digital marketing tools. You cannot execute these tactics without a well-defined, overarching strategy. These tactics must work together, just as an army should. There is no single, foolproof strategy that will work. Think long and hard about which tactics you are going to use and how you are going to use them. Your strategy should be defined based on your resources, goals, and current situation. How can you get from Point A (current situation) to Point B (goals)?

Don’t fight if it’s not necessary to do so.

To be able to “subdue the enemy without fighting”, according to Sun Tzu, is the “supreme art of war”. The internet can be a very volatile place where you are surrounded by competitors from all sides. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Instead of fighting, work on making yourself stronger. Make your website better. Offer something better to consumers than what your competitors are offering. You can subdue competitors simply by being the best.

“Know thy enemy”… and yourself.

You must know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses as well as your own, and compare them. What aspects of SEO are you having trouble with? Where is most of your traffic coming from? Are you getting conversions? What keywords are your competitors ranking for? Which social media channels do they participate in? What do their positive reviews and negative reviews say? What about your own? These are all questions you must find answers to before you even step foot on the battlefield. There are many research tools to help you find the answers.

Do not make a move “Unless you see an advantage”, Sun Tzu also warns.

SEO and internet marketing require a lot of decision making. There will be many instances when you have to choose to either do something or stay still. You don’t want to waste any resources or money unless you are confident that there is something to be gained, and that you will be able to gain it.

The expert in battle is the one who is able to move the enemy.

Don’t allow yourself to be pushed into making a decision. YOU and only you should be in control of when you make a move. If possible, try to force the competitor into making a move that could potentially be risky for them, but not for you.

Viewing SEO as a battlefield and following lessons from the “Art of War” will help you to achieve success.

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