How To Get High Quality Backlinks For SEO

Link building is an important step to building your site’s authority and rankings. But getting high quality links back to your site is tougher now more than ever. Gone are the days when having thousands of poor quality links would place your website on top of relevant searches. Today, search algorithms consider the quality of links as opposed to the quantity. That’s why your goal should be to get high ranking and successful websites linking back to your website.

Invest In Quality Content

Publish meaningful content on your blog. When you are writing content about people or products offered by different brands, make sure they are likely to link back to you. Content that is relevant, high quality and interesting will get people talking about your blog and linking back to you within no time. Perform a thorough keyword research before you start creating content for your blog. Don’t just write content that is stuffed with keywords; make it interesting for the readers as well. Include links on your blogs to other pages within your website as well as external sites to keep users on your website for longer.

Blog Commenting

Comment on blog posts that are within your niche to reach out to people with similar interests. Blog commenting shouldn’t be done in such a way that it promotes spam. Look for blogs that you frequent most and then comment in order to lead readers to your own blog.

Guest Posting

If you have a couple of blogs that you frequent, ask them if they would agree for you to contribute in their blog and have a link back to your own site. Guest posting, when done right can provide relevant links to boost your traffic and rankings.

Press Releases

Posting news articles on authority PR websites can also help to boost your site rankings. This particular strategy has to be done right in order to work. For instance, make sure the PR website where you want to publish an article with your link has a high authority. Additionally, provide unique content for your press releases and make use of keywords within the content.

Social Media Activity

Social media can give you great social signals that also help to boost your site rankings. Social media websites like LinkedIn have platforms where you can publish your content and provide links back to your blog or website. Take advantage of this and create content that is shareable. When your web page is shared so many times by people on social media who link back to your site, your traffic and rankings significantly increase.

A single link from an authoritative source can get you more traffic than multiple links from sites with low rankings. That’s why you need to focus on quality a lot more. Do your research to find the sites within your niche that would give your website a major boost in traffic by linking back to you, then determine the best way to get them to link back to your website.

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