How to Incorporate SEO in Content Marketing

Despite some naysayers out there, SEO and content marketing still go hand-in-hand for Ottawa businesses and entrepreneurs. They are both still equally important. Whether you are trying to attract visitors to your blog, website, social media profile, local listing, etc., you need to optimize the content properly in order to attract visitors and gain attention from search engines.

Google has changed dramatically over the past five years or so. Today, it places significant value on quality content and does not hesitate to penalize low-quality content with spammed keywords. Those who take their time and do SEO the right way, rather than trying to cheat and take shortcuts with black hat methods, are now rewarded for their efforts.

Here are some strategies for incorporating SEO into your content marketing.

Learn how to use keywords the right way

Keywords have always been one of the most important aspects of both content marketing and SEO, but now, the focus is on the content concerning the keyword and the context in which it is used rather than the specific keyword itself. Keywords can still be used as inspiration for the topic, although the content should be not be written around the keyword. It should be written with the goal to inform the reader – keyword placement should be secondary to that.

Know how to find and identify ideal keywords

Use tools like AdWords Keyword Planner to give you inspiration on which keyword(s) you should be using. All you have to do is type in an important keyword associated with your industry and you will receive a list of similar words and phrases. When writing content, use a variety of these keywords. Having tools and lists to help you determine which keyword(s) to focus on is extremely beneficial for content marketing. It might even provide you with some ideas of which topics to write about.

Make sure your content stays on point

If your content doesn’t seem to have a focus, the quality decreases. While Google seems to favor longer content these days, this doesn’t mean that you should add an extra few hundred words if they aren’t even necessary. Get your point across without adding too much padding. Organization of content is also important. Everything should be neatly displayed and readable.

Create an optimized headline for each post

The ideal headline for your posts should combine emotion and SEO. You don’t want them to be too short or too long. One strategy is to begin with your focus keyword(s) and to build emotional triggers around it. Consider turning the headline into a question as well. Unless you’re writing for a newspaper, you can get away with making the headline a bit longer than the typical news headline. Don’t forget to include the keyword in the URL.

Link your content together

When creating a new page, add links to other, similar pages on your blog or site. Whenever you mention a particular topic or keyword that relates to another page, just add the link to that page in the content. It’s also ideal to add an outbound link or two to an authority site, such as an .edu page, to help to help with establishing relevance to your own brand.

Make sure your site loads quickly

Each and every page on your site/blog should load in three seconds or less, no matter what kind of display your site is being loaded on.  Increase the speed by using quality hosting and compressing large images.

SEO in Ottawa is something that every single business entity and entrepreneur is doing. Try staying one step ahead of your competitors by creating high-quality, optimized content to inform and educate the community about your industry.

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