Simple User Interaction Tweaks to Boost SEO Performance for Ottawa Businesses

It’s no secret that Google and Bing formulate rankings based on a variety of metrics and factors. The importance of each and every factor, however, isn’t as clear. What is certain is that the more focus you put on user-friendliness, the better. No matter what kind of company you run in Ottawa, your SEO strategy should focus on your target audience. When you satisfy users, you satisfy the search engines.

You must also have an attractive design that is thoughtfully arranged and accessible on any device, in any browser.

Here are a few simple tips for improving user interaction that may help boost your SEO performance:

– Come up with a clear URL for each page. People should have a good idea of what the page is about just by looking at the URL structure. You don’t want a bunch of gibberish and numbers popping up in the address box in the browser. Use at least one keyword and a few words explaining what the page is about. The words should be separated by hyphens for readability. Don’t make the URL too long.

– Use numbers in your PPC ads to attract attention. This is a great way to draw attention to offers and promotions. Numbers will stand apart from the words in an ad. You can also use percentages with figures to make a statement, such as “Did you know 50% of the population is….?”

– Your landing page and ads should contain a clear call-to-action. This is a prompt to get a user to act in some way, whether it’s to click on a certain link or sign up for an email newsletter. A CtA should contain a single verb. It shouldn’t take up a lot of space. A couple of examples are “Buy Today for 15% Off” or Call Our Specialists Today”. There should be a sense of urgency in not only the metadata, but site-wide content overall.

– Avoid using URL parameters as much as possible. If there are URL parameters, it may be worth the investment to rewrite them as readable, static text. Some dynamic parameters, such as those used for tracking clicks, don’t cause a huge problem in general, unless they make the URLs too long.

– Set user expectations with your design. Highlight or bold important snippets of text. Highlight the button that represents the desired action, such as “click here”, “join”, or “add to cart”. Use a magnifying glass in a box to let users know they can search for a particular item or topic. Use colours with relevant meanings, such as red for “stop” or green for “go”.

– Consider the placement and size of every element on the page. Buttons and other click targets such as text links and icons should be big enough for users to see and click on. Don’t forget that some people will be tapping with their fingers on a small screen. For the most common actions, the buttons should be larger and more noticeable.  Place navigation elements on the corners or along the edges. This placement works because it reduces the need for accuracy, as the user does not have to worry about incorrectly tapping on their click target.

These are a few user interaction tweaks that will help your Ottawa organization improve your SEO performance.

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