Six Super Effective Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO

Content marketing and SEO often go hand and hand. It could be said that SEO is all about the content, in one form or another. If the content is terrible, the page won’t rank well, even if you spend time optimizing it. On the other hand, content that is written really well may not rank as highly as it should if you don’t optimize it properly.

If you’re facing the dilemma of whether to spend your marketing money on SEO or content, just know that you will need them both. Look for an expert who is able to create quality content that is optimized for Google and other search engines.

Here are six ways you can combine content marketing and SEO.

1. Work on creating evergreen content. This is content that will always be relevant and up-to-date, or at least contain information or news that will be considered “up-to-date” for a long time. This alone will help with SEO, as old news and outdated content doesn’t tend to rank high. Also, try to update old content that you already have published.

2. Do keyword research and make sure you are using keywords correctly. Don’t make the rookie mistake of trying the same keyword over and over again, to the point at which it’s considered stuffing. Stick with long tail keywords whenever possible. Try out different combinations of keywords in not only the content, but for the tags in article directories and/or blogs as well.

3. Audience research is extremely important for both SEO and content marketing. You need to know who exactly you are writing for and which keywords they will most likely use in order to find your content. Pay close attention to social signals. Find out what everyone is interested in learning about. If you have followers, ask them which specific topics they are interested in. You can also create polls and surveys to learn more about what your audience wants.

4. Headlines are just as important today as they’ve ever been. You will want your headlines to be short, exiting, and matter of fact. Neither publishers nor readers want to read overly long headlines. Boring headlines are bad as well. Make the headlines as exciting as possible in as few words as possible.

5. Don’t go overboard with the content. Only create new articles, pages, and blog posts when necessary. For SEO purposes, quality of content is better than quantity. Each piece of content should serve a purpose. You shouldn’t have multiple pages on the same exact topic. Even if the wording is different, it still may be considered “duplicate content”.

6. Always measure your marketing methods and determine which keywords perform best and when. Which topics do people seem most interested in? Where are you putting that content? On your blog? Article directories? In a newsletter? How are you sharing it? It’s important to track analytics and measure keyword goals, so that you know which content will require most of your attention in the future.

Combining content marketing and SEO properly should help bring you long-term success. It may take some time to start working, but as long as you are consistent and track your efforts, you should eventually see results.

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