Tips for Image Optimization SEO

These days every site we see has images on it. Pictures, videos, and so on are in abundance – but have you ever considered how to make your images more search friendly or how to use that image for SEO ranking? We are going to give you some tips on how to do just that. These are tips that will work in Ottawa or anywhere else for that matter.

Clear and Descriptive Name of Files

Be as clear and concise with the name as possible without being spam or too long with the name, an example; pictue01.jpg or Ottawapetgrooming.jpg. You can see the difference and so will Google bots. The better the description the better Google gets it.

Alt Text – Rich and Descriptive With Keywords

We’ve all had pages that images didn’t load properly on; here is where the alt text comes in. When the picture wont load there is text that gives a description of the link it holds. Example alt text reading groomers or Ottawa groomers shampoo and pet supplies. Again the 2nd is a better choice especially of the picture holds a link to somewhere that pet supplies are located.

File Size

You want to keep your speed up, having a smaller sized file will help with that. Always edit your picture size to be smaller but still quality and readable. Never change the tags in the picture to show a smaller size as the other persons browser will download the larger file before it realizes it doesn’t need too. So size your pictures as small as possible without losing quality.

Place Image With The Context It Goes With

This should be a no brainer but let’s say our site is about pet supplies and grooming you want to put the image of the dog bone in the area for food supplies.

File Types

Use the correct file, generally this will be .jpg, on occasion the .png will work but for the most part jpg is what you will want to use.

Monitor Load Time

You will want to clear your cache and go to the website and see how long the image takes loading as well as the rest of your page. This is something you should monitor once a month to make sure you are still having minimal loading times.

Include an Image Sitemap File

You can make a separate sitemap file just for images or include them in the regular sitemap. Many people find it easier to simply include them in the regular sitemap so that Google reads the tags and finds them easier.

Be Cautious of Content Delivery Network

These may be trendy and can help make your load time faster but there is a draw back and that is when someone links to your image they are actually back linking to the content delivery network and not you and back links help with ranking in the search engines so do not give away your backlinks simply for speed when you can decrease size of the image instead.

Remember, it is no longer enough to simply post great images – they need to be optimized. This will only benefit your Ottawa business.

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