Tips To Create Interesting SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Coming up with an SEO friendly blog post that is interesting and engaging to readers can be a difficult task. Most people have a challenge including keywords in their content and still give it a nice flow so that the reader can enjoy it. Let’s look at simple ways to make your content search engine friendly, nice and easy to read.

Avoid Over-Optimizing Content

One of the common mistakes people make when trying to come up with search engine friendly content is keyword stuffing. Just because your content has keywords in every sentence doesn’t mean it’s going to rank well. In fact, over optimizing content can do more harm than good. You need to focus on different aspects such as readability, uniqueness and proper keyword placement. Stuffing your content with keywords is never the best long term strategy to keep your site on top of SERPs.

Keep It Fresh And Original

New content that hasn’t been seen anywhere else online works best for search and readers. People are more likely to share new information that is interesting and engaging. Instead of spending time duplicating content online, create your own unique and relevant content that people want to read.

Make It Easy To Read

Use simple language that your users can follow. Publish the content in structures so that readers can quickly navigate from one section to the other. If you are posting long form content, make sure your website is designed for it. People are more likely to understand the message if you’ve taken time to use clear structures and simple language.


Even the best piece of content has no use if no one can find it on your website. The web has trillions of pages and getting the search engines to get your content and post it involves the use of certain keywords. Look for keywords that represent information people are searching for online. Make sure you write content that is original and readable based on that keyword. If you have an original idea, do not be afraid to write about it and share it on the web. Shareable content usually performs best online.

Make It Easy To Share

Whenever users visit your blog and come across content that is interesting and engaging, they may want to share with others on social media. That’s why it’s important to ensure the social media sharing buttons are present on your web pages so that users can quickly share the content with others. This will eventually increase your website traffic and rankings.


Consider search engine optimization as a long-term strategy to help you improve site rankings. A blog post that you wrote today can help your site to get massive traffic a few years from now. Be patient and don’t expect the content to rank immediately after publishing it. Boost the content by sharing it in different platforms that have a higher ranking than your site. Make the content easy to find by search engines by fine tuning it using relevant keywords.

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