Use Reviews And Ratings To Boost Conversion Rates

Before buying a product, you may want to know if someone else has used and loved it. This is the main purpose of a review. Reviews are not just important for the consumer, they are valued highly by search engines like Google too. These ratings and reviews can show up on SERPs and help you to pull more customers to your business.

Business Ratings Vs. Product Ratings

You can have customers rate your business rather than rating a product or service that you offer. Business ratings can have a tremendous effect on the way your site appears on search. The opinion of people regarding your business is of great importance to Google. This is especially the case for hotels, restaurants and other businesses where consumers always want to view the rating.

Product ratings on the other hand can allow your website to appear when people are shopping for the item on search. Product reviews can be listed on your website on every product page or even on other major websites and still appear on search results. Sites like CNET are trusted for product ratings and usually rank highly for different searches.

Boost Local Rankings

When people are searching for a product locally, yours can appear on top of SERP if you have multiple positive reviews. Google takes the commentaries of your product or business very highly if someone is searching for a place in their locality. For instance, if someone is looking for a coffee shop and you are the one with the most reviews online, it’s likely to appear on top pages. If the consumer searches for a specific shop or business then their reviews will appear in the search result pages.

Optimizing Product Listings

If you sell a product that you would want to appear on top of search, make sure you use the right markup. Google will crawl the listing and pick up data that is relevant to show to the user in the search result. For instance, the specifications, price, availability as well as the reviews and ratings of the product are likely to appear in the results. Make sure you add reviews and ratings in every product listing on your page.

Invite Customers To Leave A Commentary

After buying a product or seeking a service, your consumers should be able to write a commentary. You can provide ways to sensitize people to appraise your brand. For instance, offer a freebie to every consumer who appraises your product. You can even give a discount for those who gauge the item. Look for different ways to collect positive commentaries from the people who have bought your product or service.

What About Negative Reviews?

Having multiple consumer reviews online is important but just make sure that majority are positive. Negative commentaries can harm your brand faster than you can ever imagine. If you notice any negative ones, don’t ignore them because they will never go away. Contact the consumer or reseller and request to fix the issue.

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