Using Pinterest SEO to Help Your Business

Pinterest is another platform of social media that can be used to help you market your Ottawa business to both people and search engines. If you haven’t thought about it, now may be the time to do so. Especially if you have the type of business that can benefit from visual marketing (pictures of products, etc.), you should consider starting yourself a business Pinterest account. It is time to use all the tools you can to help your site rank in the top with the search engines.

Pining things on your Pinterest account, the followers you have, etc. can help your business get higher in the rankings and more visitors to your business site for sales.

Tips to Using Pinterest For The Purposes of SEO:

  1. Optimize your account profile – make sure to use your business name as the account name and user name. Write a strong key word and readable description of your business. Example – Ottawa Pet Groomer and Supplies located in Ottawa we take care when grooming your pets, carry many supplies such as leashes, collars, pet beds, and foods. As you can see this is just a quick example, but gives you the idea.
  2. Be sure to verify your website as a verified Pinterest account has more credible and knowledgeable influence for its followers and visitors. This gives it more credible ranking power.
  3. You need to install pin it buttons. This helps you get your readers and visitors to pin content from you and helps the Pinterest search. The more good pins you get the better the influence and higher the ranking you will have.
  4. Make sure you provide very descriptive and key word filled descriptions that are strong which read naturally and do not sound like spam. Like our example in 1 about groomer and pet supplies. Name the brand such as Blue Freedom pet foods and treats for all size and all age pets that are grain free and nutritious. You get the idea.
  5. Use rich pins! This is an easy way to pull information from your business to Pinterest. Depending on the type of rich pin it can show price as well as availability of product, along with the name, address, and map of the store, etc. These rich pins can really get you better SEO both on Pinterest and in the regular search engines.
  6. Check your links at least once a month more if necessary. Make sure the link at Pinterest is sending users to the proper page instead of them getting an error page. Also if you have an item that is out of stock or back ordered, add alternative items to the page for visitors to choose from.
  7. Add the follow button so that as visitors come they can follow you. The more followers the better knowledgeable and credible your influence is. This helps you also rank high and when someone does a Google search for the content you have it will show up for the keywords you have in your Pinterest profile and images.

Keep these tips in mind when using Pinterest for your Ottawa business, and it will help you take your SEO to the next level.

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