What is Negative SEO and What Can You Do About It?

Negative SEO is real and it could be affecting your website right now! How do you protect your site and your Ottawa business from negative SEO? In order to protect yourself and business you need to understand what negative SEO is.

Negative SEO explained

Negative SEO happens when someone intentionally tries to lower your rankings in the search engines; Google in particular.  There are plenty of people who are dishonest and looking for ways to higher their own ranking while making those that do rank high become lower in the rankings. They take the easy or what they feel is the fastest way to take other site’s rankings.

The real question is does it work? According to Google this is extremely rare. The majority of sites never have to worry about this. Great you say but still lurking in the back of your mind is how do they do it and why shouldn’t I be worried?

Well here is what happens and it is not always a competitor that is doing it, sometimes it can be something as simple as something we did when we first started and bought a back link program, or it could be someone we know who is trying to help us but doesn’t thoroughly understand SEO and how it works.

What you can do about stopping negative SEO?

If you are having issues with negative SEO or even if you are worried that you might at some time in the future have negative SEO the best way to deal with it is to do a backlink audit once a month. If you do it once a month you are going to save yourself a large hassle and not have to worry about losing ranking due to backlinks that are not natural. Backlink auditing once a month is a great practice and habit to get in to doing before you end up in trouble.

How to do a backlink audit

There are plenty of ways to do a backlink audit, be aware that automated backlink audits really should be used in conjunction with manual backlink auditing.

Here is a hint especially if you are just starting your website and building your links, keep a spreadsheet or list of your links in file that you can open on your computer when you run backlink audits, so that you can mark links you have already checked. This will allow you to check links without doing the same links over. Also you can check a link on a domain instead of all those links.

If you have had your website up since before 2012 and used an SEO company or link building company prior to 2012 you really need to run a backlink audit as before 2012 Google had different guidelines concerning backlinks then than they do now. These new guidelines can be costing you rankings.

By doing a monthly backlink audit and fixing those links that need to be fixed you will not have to worry.

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