Why Every Great Website Design Starts With SEO

SEO for website design is extremely important, whether the site is new or being revamped. There are some similarities between optimizing a brand new site and optimizing a new version of an existing site as well as a few differences.

For example, some aspects of SEO should not be ignored when launching a newer version of a site. If not done properly, you could end up with one huge mess, due to thousands of 404 errors, penalties for having duplicate content, different headings and other on-page factors. These problems make it difficult for Google to crawl your content. This can be avoided as long as you take the time to redirect traffic from the old version to the new one.

Another factor to consider are your current rankings. If you have a page that is already ranking well, and is bringing in a lot of traffic and leads, you will need to be careful with the redesign of that particular page.

Understand why it is bringing in great results so that the performance factors can be replicated in the new design.

Know What Search Engines are Looking For

Having knowledge of SEO fundamentals is extremely important, whether you’re getting a new design or starting from scratch.

ALL websites should have the following:
– User-friendly design
– Relevant content
– Fast loading time
– Original content
– Usefulness to visitors
– Mobile-friendliness
– Proper use of the right keywords
– Optimized headlines, subtitles, meta tags, image alt attributes, etc.
– Generated and submitted sitemaps

There are other on-page ranking factors as well. SEO is a process that never ends. Even after your new site is launched, you will still need to keep it updated with fresh content. There are some activities that only need to be done once, but many more that are ongoing.

As it requires a lot of research and planning, SEO should begin when the design is still in process, so that everything will be ready at launch. If you’ve already created the new site and haven’t started optimizing it for search engines yet, you may have to go back and change some things. These days, SEO, web design, and content all go hand in hand, and it’s in your best interest to work with a team that understands this. Waiting for when the site is about to be launched to start your on-page optimization will set you back, since it will take even longer to see results.

Another reason why it’s important to start the optimization process during the beginning stages of the design is because you will want to start tracking and collecting data right away. When you are able to analyze data, you gain insight on what is working and what is not working.

SEO takes time and mistakes cannot usually be fixed overnight. It’s something that requires your attention on a frequent basis, and the sooner you get started, the better. If you decide to acquire SEO services for website design, be sure to work with a professional who actually understands SEO and website design, as well as the correlation between them.

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