Why Ottawa Businesses Must Have a Blog for Search Engine Optimization

One aspect of online marketing that many companies underestimate is blogging. Having a website isn’t enough. SEO in Ottawa should cover a broad range of areas, including a keyword strategy, PPC, social media, and content creation. Blogging is an excellent way to tie in multiple strategies. It allows you to create and share informative content with keywords. It also helps you increase brand awareness.

A website cost a lot of money, so you might not be able to update it as often as you would like. Having a blog is a great solution, as it allows you to keep the community informed about your industry and company. You can link your main site and blog together for convenience and SEO purposes.

Here are some of the many reasons why having a blog is important for search engine optimization:

– Search engines consider the freshness of content as a ranking factor. If a web page isn’t updated for a while, it will be less likely to rank high. You can keep your website “fresh” by adding a snippet of recent blog posts on the home page. When you update your home page, people and search engines will both notice.

– Blogging helps with link building. Whenever you talk about a particular topic or product on your blog, you can link to relevant pages on your website, and vice versa. If you make the decision to syndicate your blog, the links will more than likely appear everywhere your blog post appears.

– Even though keywords aren’t as important as they used to be, they should still be considered a part of any SEO strategy. Blogging provides you with an opportunity to use keywords in a strategic manner. The idea is to choose unique keywords and use them intelligently throughout your blog posts. Don’t go overboard – you don’t want to use the same keyword over and over again, or else your blog post could end up banned from search engines. Use them so that they appear natural and not forced.

– Your blog gives your company a “voice” so to speak. You can keep your current and potential customers up to date with what’s going on in the industry you’re involved in. Have one of your employees become the “mascot” of your company. This employee should be the one to take care of blog posts. Customers want to do business with people, so having a “mascot” gives a personal fell to your business entity.

– Blog posts are more than written content – they can feature videos and images as well. Video gives you more dynamic content that you can share with readers, and they can share via social media. People are looking for interesting videos, so make yours as informative as possible. Your videos should have the appropriate tags and keyword-optimized summaries.

Adding posts to your blog is just one step in blogging SEO for your Ottawa company. You must also take the time to promote it. Social media gives you the chance to do this. You can send out Tweets or post the link on your company’s Facebook page. Always use a creative title that will attract attention.

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