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What Makes a Website Effective?


Responsive Design

Internet can be accessed through a vast array of devices ranging from smart phones, tablets and desktop computers (including laptops), it is very important that visitors can access the information on the website with relative ease. Thus a responsive website design ensures that the same version of your website loads on all types of devices by automatically adjusting its dimensions according to the screen size.

Search Engine Friendly

Google and other search engines scan your website and read through its code, content and structure to determine which keywords its should rank for. Most developers neglect this and do not optimize the website in a manner that would make it easy for search engine spiders to crawl it. At Nova Solutions we make sure that every website is built in a manner that would make it easy for Google to crawl and index it against relevant keywords.

Social Media Integration

Social Media platforms attract millions of users everyday that highly engage with businesses on the basis of peer recommendations. It is very important to have a website structured in a manner so that its contents and information can be shared on social networks for user engagement. Such as structure helps with attracting qualified traffic to your website and also aids SEO initiatives.

Conversation Friendly Design

Conversation refers to the actions taken by visitors after they have been on your website and reviewed the information. These actions could be; a purchase, filling out a submission form, making a phone call or signing up to a service. As a website design agency, our goal is to make sure that the sites built by us are conversation friendly and that is reflected in the design. It includes the use of effective verbiage, graphics and banners along with strategically placed buttons with action statements.

Performance Measurement and Analysis

At Nova Solutions our goal is to craft a website solution that empowers our clients with data and knowledge on the performance of their website so that they are able to make calculated business decisions in the future. This is achieved through by integration of website analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Kiss Metrics that accurately provide data on all aspects of the traffic to the website. We also employ the use of heat-mapping tools to get feedback on the visual elements of the website design to see where visitors are clicking.

Website Development and Marketing

Website Development and Marketing

A company’s website is one of the most important components for its the overall marketing strategy. In recent times, the importance of a functional website that accurately depicts the business has increased dramatically. Most companies almost solely rely on the Internet for their marketing initiatives as people are connected online through a vast array of devices. As society spends more and more time online, the opportunities for Internet marketing have also increased and qualified traffic can be attracted towards a company’s website through many different channels. One of the most important channels for attracting visitors to your website is through search engines, specially Google. Google has transformed into a massive directory with a solution to every problem and answer to any question.

It is very important to note that acquiring organic traffic from search engines like Google depends very strongly on the way the website is built and structured. Therefore SEO (search engine optimization) and web development go hand in hand as the website is built and structured in a matter that Google can understand it better and determine where the website should rank and for what type of keywords. Although extensive SEO may be required for top positions for competitive keywords, but the process starts from building a website that is Google friendly.