Selecting an SEO company is a bit like getting married – you are (hopefully!) in it for the long term. Because establishing a good SEO ranking takes time, and because keeping that ranking requires ongoing work, choosing the right SEO company for your business is critical to your online success.

Getting Started: Searching for SEO Services

When you first begin your quest for an SEO company, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of businesses and individuals that market themselves as SEO experts.
A good practice when you are starting out is to Google the term “SEO company” along with the name of your city and see what comes up on the first page search rankings. It stands to reason that if an SEO company can get themselves a good ranking, they should be able to do the same for your business.
Also, ask your business contacts about the SEO companies that they have worked with and who they would recommend.

Once you’ve identified a handful of SEO companies that you feel good about, reach out to them and ask them any further questions you may have. Ask about other companies that they have done work for and about the successes that they have had. Also, ask them what their work for you would involve. Listen to their answers carefully – you are looking for a company that will research and identify keywords and phrases; that will optimize your website for those words and phrases; and that will build backlinks on reputable sites that will drive traffic to your website.

SEO Honeymoon: Staying Involved and Communicating

Once you are done picking an SEO company to work with, it is still important to stay involved in the process. In fact, a good SEO company will want you to be involved. In order to boost your business’s website in the search rankings, your SEO expert will have to learn a lot about your company. He will need to know not only what your company does, but who your target market is and what kind of searches they conduct when they are looking for your product or service.

Your SEO expert should be able to explain why he chose certain keywords and not others. If you have questions about his methods, then ask. In the initial stages of carrying out your SEO strategy, there are a number of things that your SEO company should be doing for you. In addition to working on your website (to make sure these keywords and phrases are incorporated at a reasonable density) the SEO company should be building backlinks on other websites.

Backlinks are links on other sites which direct users to your site. In order for these to be useful in boosting your search engine rankings, these external sites must be relevant and well-established themselves.
In the first few months after selecting an SEO company, your SEO expert should be very busy for you!

Common Pitfalls

Avoid companies that say they will not make any changes to your website as this is an important part of improving your ranking. Also, avoid companies that say they can guarantee you number one spot on Google – nobody can guarantee that!
Finally, avoid selecting an SEO company based solely on price. The fee that an SEO company charges is not only for the work they do researching keywords and working on your website. There is also substantial cost involved in purchasing backlinks on other websites.

SEO for the Long Term

Remember that SEO is a long term commitment. It takes time to get a good ranking and it takes effort to keep that ranking. And while you choose an SEO company hoping to stay with that company for the long haul, regular updates should be part of the agreement. If realistic expectations are not being met, it may be a signal to part ways.
A good SEO company, however will communicate about their progress and be able, over time to show you measurable results.
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