Pay-per-click (ppc) management is as close to time travel as you can get—without delving too deep into astrophysics or multi-dimensional theory, pay per click management services essentially reside in the future, past, and present simultaneously in order to get the full scope of their campaigns and optimize them successfully.

Your Past: Course-Correction Activities

Crucial to good PPC management is taking the time to conduct thorough analysis within your campaigns. For instance, scrutinizing statistical information such as averages and historical trends can you a clearer picture of progress and optimization opportunities. This will allow you to identify what has been working well and what has not. When strategies turn out to be inefficient, corrective action must be taken immediately to redirect your campaign back upon the right path.

The most proficient providers of pay per click account management services will be vigilant in terms of observing whether certain tactics are effective, and take immediate measures to fix issues within your account. Though these measures are not the type of forward-thinking, large-scale strategic initiatives often discussed when people speak PPC management services, they are still crucial elements to an effective campaign. For example, maybe your Google Display Network (GDN) volume dips and you need to adjust bids or review placements in order to improve performance. Taking the time to make these minor changes as required can add up to huge sums in overall campaign effectiveness.

The key to “The Past” in this example means frequent review of performance history and swift reaction to the statistical data.

Your Present: Standard Recurring Tactics

An essential aspect of pay per click account management is the maintenance of a task list of recurring tactics. The strategies on this list serve the function of conserving the health and structure of your account. Reviewing ad tests, regularly analyzing search query data, and various other tasks should be completed on a regular schedule.

These recurring tactics usually do not impact performance in a forward (proactive) or backward (reactive) way, but they are extremely important. Present-focused tactics are the bedrock of PPC account management.

Your Future: Prioritized Strategic Initiatives

Providing strategic vision is the proactive component of providing PPC account management services. These initiatives provide big ideas and strive to keep your account two steps ahead of your competition and on the cutting-edge.

Unfortunately, this element of campaign management is often most neglected. The reason for this neglect is because urgent needs often take precedence over a campaign manager’s time. There are almost always fires to put out or standard tactics that need to be completed – and if you aren’t careful, these reactive tactics can occupy all of your bandwidth.

The key to running a successful PPC account is to avoid getting stuck in the mire of the present. Look back over the past 60 to 90 days of managing your account. Have you been striking a balance between past, present, and future strategies? Do you need to adjust your balance? Professional providers of pay per click account management services understand the importance of this delicate balance and use this understanding to deliver real, observable benefits for your company. 

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