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Our PPC campaigns bring up to 87% of business to our clients

Why PPC Management?

Nova Solutions provides a PPC Management Service in Toronto for our clients—utilizing the knowledge and experience of our certified professionals, we manage, optimize and monitor the status of your campaigns to ensure substantial improvements.


PPC, or Pay–Per–Click


PPC, or Pay–Per–Click, is a model used to direct traffic to your website through advertisements on other relevant sites and directories. PPC campaigns usually require meticulous and consistent monitoring and management due to the many factors involved, such as click–through rate and quality score; mismanagement can lead to ineffective ads as well as misuse of the budget that results in a money drain. However, with proper management, PPC can be a very effective model in providing a steady influx of potential customers interested in your product or service, as well as increasing the online exposure of your company.

Professionally managed PPC Campaigns

Why Nova?


Nova provides full-time PPC management service to our clients utilizing Google’s Third Party Agencies program—meaning consistent monitoring of daily budget spent, click–through rates, quality scores and other relevant information. Much like any of our other services, Nova Solutions conducts extensive research of the relevant industry, keywords and competitions before the start of each campaign to gain a full understanding of our clients’ situation and needs. We then analyze this data and refine our strategy to ensure that your PPC campaign is operating at its full potential, measured through several indicators such as a decrease in bounce rate or an increase in quality score or conversion rate. Our constant tracking allows our clients to have a clear overview of the campaign’s progress, and the changes we have made in order to improve overall effectiveness.




Final Words about PPC from Toronto’s Nova Solutions:


  • Our PPC team guarantees up to a 20% improvement each month, and has been proven to increase business from 30% to 50%, simply by correcting managing, optimizing and monitoring our client’s campaign.

  • Our team has had experience managing PPC campaigns for small local companies, as well as multiple million–dollar campaigns on behalf of our clients—giving us the experience and versatility needed to make your PPC campaign a success, no matter the scale.

  • Through charging a flat rate based on your payments to Google, we ensure that you know where every dime of your money is being spent—and how much business you are gaining in return.

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At Nova we can provide you with references from clients who had their website managed for PPC, and now they have an increase in revenue stream

Pay-Per-Click PPC Advertisement

PPC advertisement campaigns have become extremely popular and a standard online strategy over the last decade—their effectiveness in increasing the online presence of a company to those interested has been well proven. For Toronto businesses, PPC service management can prove to be an integral part of your overall online strategy with the assistance of Nova Solutions.

The most recent wave of SEO changes has effected a large number of search results, with companies who were relying on organic search engine marketing, receiving penalties and dropping from the rankings. Although these players have taken steps to come back and attempt to revive their organic positions, which is proving to be a lengthy and difficult task, Pay Per Click marketing is the immediate answer.

professional pay per click management services

Pay-Per-Click Management

Furthermore, Google has made Paid Search results appear without the different background color as it used before, thus visually diminishing the difference in appearance between the two.

With services like remarketing becoming more widely used and encouraged in the marketing circles, the effort for organic positions seems too much trouble.

More so the mobile searches has been steadily on the rise throughout many industries. An interesting tendency amongst older business owners and retail consumers on the road to utilize their mobile devices than search a desktop has been driving mobile searches and their ROI higher and higher.

Many companies are investing in app development to ease communication with their clientele and increase efficiency in their business practices.

With both advertisers and consumers becoming more educated, flat fee pricing SEM advertising campaigns have been on the demise. PPC management, or Pay Per Click Management for a flat or percentage based fee has been the way to go. With combinational of remarketing and PPC Management, Pay Per Click advertising agencies have seen an increase in their paid search clientele.

Here at Nova Solutions we strive to provide professional service that will guarantee an increase in traffic to your website of your business with affordable and competitive rates. Utilizing the expertise and knowledge of our team, Nova Solutions is committed to increasing the quantity and quality of traffic at your business’ website through careful monitoring and adjustment of the pay–per–click process.


Campaigns optimized directly by Google staff

Our client’s campaigns are optimized directly by Google staff, that are exclusively assigned to us.

Extensive keyword research

We do extensive research of your Industry, Keywords and Competition, before each campaign.

We Guarantee 20% improvement monthly

Our ongoing optimization of your PPC campaign guarantees up to 20% improvement each month.

We manage million dollar campaigns.

We have experience managing several million dollar campaigns, on our clients behalf.

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