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With the increase in smartphones and tablets being used for online shopping, it’s not surprising that businesses are optimizing their websites to run smoothly on mobile devices. To help businesses, PPC services now include solutions for these devices. Nearly half of paid search is spent on mobile ads right now. The click through rate (CTR) of search ads on mobile phones is approximately 38% higher than that or desktop ads.

Ads on desktops have the highest cost-per-click (CPC), whereas mobile ads on social networking sites have the lowest CPC. The number of people who visit Facebook via smartphones and other mobile devices is considerably higher than the number of people who visit Facebook via PC.


The great thing about mobile PPC services is that you can still create mobile-specific ads even if your site isn’t yet fully optimized for mobile devices. How? With the use of click to call links. If mobile users can click on a link to visit your site, give them the opportunity to click on a link to call you.

Mobile PPC Tips

– Don’t use long keywords phrases for a mobile campaign. People don’t want to have to enter several words into their mobile device just to conduct a search. You can target the ads to specific phrases or general ones with the use of match types.

– Make the landing pages as mobile-friendly as possible. You will want your pay per click campaigns to send mobile traffic to a mobile-friendly page on your site.

– Keep the ads as clear and concise as possible. Since your message will be viewed on smaller displays, it should be short and to the point. Use as little text as possible to get your point across. Users need to be reassured that completing their desired action will be fast and easy.

– When running mobile ad campaigns, make sure they display during business hours – especially if you don’t have the resources to handle calls made late at night and on weekends. Also, people are more likely to be browsing and shopping on their mobile phones during the day.

– Come up with ways to reduce typing. This goes hand in hand with using shorter keyword phrases. Everything on the landing pages, including opt-in forms and order forms, should be easy to fill out. If users find that they have to provide a bunch of information, they will be less willing to fill it out. One way to do this is to offer typing shortcuts in the form of social login as well as multi-select boxes rather than free-form text.

– Separate your PC ad campaigns from your mobile ad campaigns and bid accordingly. Since PC screens are larger, you can get away with bidding for lower positions. This isn’t the case with mobile displays, as users won’t always scroll down the page. If your ad has a lower position on a small smartphone screen, you will more or less be invisible. This is why you should only focus on bids for the top two positions.

While it’s important to take advantage of PPC services for mobile campaigns, you need to optimize your ads and landing pages correctly in order for it to be beneficial. It may seem like more work to run separate campaigns for different devices – but the results will be worth it.

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