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88% of companies are not satisfied with their web conversion rate


98% of visitors of a website will leave without making a purchase on their initial visit, meaning only 2% of customers convert right away. Remarketing and retargeting are techniques that will remind potential customers of your presence and entice them to return at a later date, all while building brand awareness for your company.

Remarketing often involves emails and tailored or customized offers to your customers based on their browsing history or previous purchases—this allows the costumer to be reminded of the benefits of your product or service, as well as giving your company an opportunity to promote new products or services that will entice the costumer to return to your website.


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Retargeting is the process of showing ads to users who have previously visited your website, but likely left without making a purchase. Since most customers of a website are there to browse for information and options, they are not likely to make an immediate purchase. This results in a large portion of the audience that needs to be reminded of your presence throughout their Internet browsing, in order to keep your company relevant and included in their future purchase decision.

Retargeting allows your company to stay engaged with your potential customers by presenting them with advertisements, offers and promotions that are relevant to their interests. This way, your company will be fresh in their minds when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. This can substantially improve your ROI as well as increasing conversion and retention rates.

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A Powerful Branding Tool


Remarketing and retargeting for Toronto businesses can be a very effective tool, since it focuses your advertising on qualified costumers—people who are already familiar with your company and the products or services that you provide. Complimented by a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes boosting traffic and optimizing digital content, remarketing and retargeting can be a formidable component in your company’s online operations. Make sure that your qualified audience does not slip from your grasp—inquire about remarketing or retargeting for Toronto businesses courtesy of Nova Solutions.

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