SEO During Covid-19

The coronavirus has greatly increased internet usage in 2020 and continues to increase exponentially in 2021. This has caused some businesses to receive a lot more search traffic online and others not as much. This means that search engine optimization can look different depending on the industry you’re in.

For businesses that are relevant or even essential to visitors, there has been an increase in traffic during these times. For this reason SEO is an extremely important factor for your website to stand out online and be picked over your competitors in search results.

There has been some misinformation regarding SEO during Covid-19 and many facts remain that state the importance of SEO. Here are a few of the facts we wanted to highlight about SEO during Covid-19.

Fact #1: Evergreen content is key

Writing about trending topics when they are related to your business is a given but these pages that you introduce to your site will decline in traffic over time. Since higher authority websites will take over the first page results, your pages are also less likely to rank in the first place. To continue receiving a positive amount of traffic to your website over time it’s important to have content written on evergreen topics regarding your business.

Fact #2: SEO traffic to your website

Search engine optimization is not simply to increase your websites traffic with users but to have greater visibility online to draw in qualified traffic. The information you decide to focus on will have a dramatic impact on the amount of visitors who are finding their way to your website. Having SEO in place will help you find highly interested visitors who can potentially turn into leads in the future.

Fact #3: Search is becoming more important

Traffic to some websites from search engines may be fluctuating at this time but that doesn’t mean that traffic from search engines is going down as well. Some generations of consumers are now using voice assistants or mobile devices to search certain things online. Search will continue to remain a crucial part of SEO and it’s important to adapt and also optimize your website to the advancing search platforms that are available.

Although SEO has been fluctuating since the beginning of the coronavirus, it is far from useless to implement for online businesses right now. As we know that search engine optimization during these times can be difficult it’s important to be aware and educated on how to advance your website’s SEO.

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