The increasingly important world of Internet marketing and SEO strategy is ever changing and sometimes difficult to keep up with. Google regularly undergoes SEO algorithm updates and it is essential to keep up with the latest Google changes if you wish to stay competitive in the Internet marketing game. So what is SEO in 2014 requires? While not an exhaustive list, below you will find the top 5 recent SEO updates and how they will impact your business and online marketing strategy in the coming months.

Secure Organic Searches

Beginning last year, Google essentially locked all keyword data – meaning website owners can no longer view what keywords or content drove a person to visit their webpage. What was once an incredible tool in understanding web traffic is now obsolete and has left business owners somewhat in the dark when it comes to gaining new online visitors.

Content Marketing Still Rules

Without knowing what keywords are of the most value, how can a business owner maximize their SEO marketing? The answer is simple, content is still king. SEO content marketing can officially be considered a movement in the world of Internet marketing. The latest SEO algorithm updates still seek out websites that produce thorough, well-written content as marketing tools. Search engines such as Google will continue to support these businesses more than those simply pushing keywords.

Varied Content Length

When it comes to content, an argument can be made for both lengthy informative pieces and short and sweet articles. The most effective content producers will have a little bit of everything to cater to a broad audience. Typically, mobile Internet users will not want to sift through a 1,000-word piece on a phone screen and, likewise, those behind a desktop may enjoy more thorough content. To stay current with SEO updates, savvy SEO content marketers will strike a balance between the length of content articles they publish.

Conversational Searches

The latest Google algorithm, Hummingbird, was designed to understand more conversational searches as opposed to perfect keyword matches. This change further supports the need for high quality, high quantity content and, while we have yet to witness the long-term effects of Hummingbird, one can assume that exact keyword matches may soon become a thing of the past.

Increased Social Media Presence

Reading the signs of both social trends and the latest SEO updates all point to a rising demand for companies to increase their social media presence. Social media is a crucial piece of the online marketing puzzle and will have a growing importance as more social networks develop. With each new platform, companies are provided with a new opportunity to make their name visible, publish content, and boost their search engine optimization. Companies must take their social media presence seriously and publish easily sharable and searchable content on multiple platforms if they are to stay competitive with the latest SEO algorithm update.

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