Case Study – Kitchen And Bath Inc. SEO Campaign

Kitchen and Bath Inc

Canadian-based Home Renovation Company

Kitchen and Bath Inc, a Canadian-based home renovation company focusing specifically on bathroom and kitchen renovation, sought to improve their brand awareness and ultimately receive more qualified leads to their website.

With significant expertise in contractor lead generation, Nova Solutions utilized a number of strategies to improve web traffic and increase conversion rates within a matter of months. Today, Kitchen and Bath’s brand reach has seen major improvements, its website traffic is providing the company with better leads than before, and they are continuing to see record revenues.


Client Overview

Kitchen and Bath Inc. are a growing brand in the Canadian renovation marketplace, currently with three locations across the Greater Toronto Area that act as showrooms for the company’s various products and services.

Unlike their competitors, they are not ‘just a contractor’. The company acts as a one-stop shop for all things related to bathroom and kitchen renovations. Comprising of a team of consultants, designers, and workers, Kitchen and Bath has completed hundreds of projects throughout the City of Toronto and the GTA. The company is also well known for having extensive stock of needed cabinets, vanities, and other building supplies.

The Struggle

The City of Toronto, the GTA, and southern Ontario are marketplaces flush with renovation companies. Due to the very strong competition in Toronto and its surrounding areas, this made it all the more important to deliver contractor lead generation strategies that were quality and results-driven. It was our ultimate goal in our efforts to generate more organic leads while running various PPC campaigns.

Developing the strongest contractor lead generation strategies possible would deliver a steady stream of customers to this renovation company, helping it to grow and flourish in an ever-growing populated marketplace. Though there are a range of areas that one could focus on to grow a kitchen and bath renovations business, studies have shown contractor lead generation to be highly successful in this category of branding, also helping to contribute to other areas, including online brand reach and search engine optimization.

Organic Lead Generation

Kitchen And Bath Renovation Organic Results

Contractor lead generation, for Kitchen and Bath Inc., was about providing website visitors with high quality content that would help inform and entertain, and ultimately, that were sales-driven enough to help build revenues.

Nova Solutions immediately began developing written content to submit to the company’s blog and to spread across their site, helping to grow Kitchen and Bath’s presence in search engines. Through writing new content for the website on related topics about kitchen and bathroom renovation, this attracted eyes that are unlikely to have otherwise found the company’s site. Though they may have not been ready to buy at that exact moment, the approach in this content was not to be overt about pushing for sales – it was about providing value to site visitors. After that trust has been established, some of the visitors who came to the site specifically to read this content began to search through other areas of the company’s products and services, and some shared this content through social media.

The second aspect of content development was video-based. Though text has a fundamental role in driving search engine growth, videos have shown to be share-friendly on social media and, for some people, are more effective and preferred at communicating a target message than text.

Social Media

Kitchen And Bath Renovation Facebook Page

Building up the company’s web presence to expand online lead generation is all about their reach on social media. Nova Solutions implemented a company-specific social media marketing plan that would serve to drive growth and create conversation in the Toronto renovations space about Kitchen and Bath. We ran social media campaigns on a constant basis, sharing published articles and blogs via Facebook, and helping to deliver quality information and insight to those who were in search of it. Almost immediately, Kitchen and Bath saw their number of likes and shares increase, helping them to reach a whole new audience.

The time and effort invested into social media helped increase traffic to secondary website pages thereby helping to optimize contractor lead generation. Call to action forms were regularly incorporated into various web pages for Kitchen and Bath, ensuring that anyone who wanted a consultation could receive one.

PPC Campaigns

Kitchen And Bath Renovation PPC

PPC campaigns, otherwise known as pay per click, were huge in driving contractor lead generation for this Toronto renovations company. We started with 1 or 2 leads per day, spending around 50$CAD per day. Analyzing the incoming traffic through Google Analytics and Crazy Egg heatmaps, we’ve re-designed the website to make it more conversion-friendly. Once again, this saw conversions increase over time for Kitchen and Bath. All conversions were analyzed using the ‘reverse path function’, to figure out what pages users were on prior to conversion. The commitment to heightening the effectiveness of the website is what helped to optimize conversions, helping to see double-digit percentage increases in the weeks and months that followed.

After the amount of leads to the website was increased, it was then important to find ways to increase the quality of those leads. Therefore, we analyzed what time frame leads were being submitted to the site and created a customized schedule to improve leads’ quality and quantity. We analyzed geo-targeting on a constant basis, monitoring it extensively to see which location provided the most leads and adjusting bidding strategies based on these locations as well as paying attention to when the site was being accessed.

Contractor Lead Generation Made this Business a Toronto Force!

When your brand is in a marketplace with dozens of other brands at your level and above who are competing for the same customers, it is important to ensure your company’s website is ready and optimized. By focusing on contractor lead generation and maintaining this as the highest priority throughout content development, social media marketing campaigns, website traffic analysis, and PPC campaigns, Kitchen and Bath saw their company’s brand, credibility, and revenues increase on a monthly and even weekly basis. Continually, the company has seen their entire online presence receive routine optimization, perfectly positioning them towards further lead generation growth.

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