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The Biggest Toronto SEO Trends in 2019

Given that search engines and algorithms are continually evolving, it is imperative to remain up to date on the latest
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends to stay competitive.

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New Data

As a result of the evolution of search engine results pages (SERPS), Google’s access to data material is increasing.

In addition, Google is now able to develop its own meta-descriptions from web content, which they use to create snippets. However, advertisements have now been rearranged, which means that snippets must be smaller since there is less space for them. To be effective, snippets need to be rich and eye-catching, and should contain key structured data such as rating stars, event data or opening hours.

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Featured Snippets

Featured snippets, which contain an excerpt from a website that Google deems relevant to the user’s search, will continue to be displayed in 2019.

Since many users turn to Google for the answer to a question, featured snippets are an effective way for individuals to quickly find what they are looking for. To help ensure that your content is top-ranked and thereby more frequently included in featured snippets, it is advisable to use a question and answer structure when formatting your website. Alternatively, using tables with well-structured information can help your content appear in organic searches. Thus, it is necessary to consider what information your target audience is looking for when they search the web in order to ensure your content meets this need.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Progressive Web Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can be used to help you increase your website’s mobile speed, increasing the likelihood that users will remain on your site.

AMPs will continue to be a trend throughout 2019, however, while they can enable your website load faster, they are not an appropriate choice for all web pages due to their limitations; Text-based AMP pages without images or structure are best suited to news articles since they load quickly, but most web pages benefit from more structured content and a combination of text and images.

Why is this important?

Google’s Mobile First Index

Since mobile users now exceed desktop users when it comes to web queries, mobile optimization is one of the latest SEO trends in 2019 and has been Google’s focus in recent years.

In fact, last year, Google developed the “Mobile First Index,” which ranks search listings based on the mobile versions of their websites, even when the information is being accessed on a desktop. This means that it is imperative to optimize your website for mobile devices by the end of this year if you have not already done so.

Mobile is First


Since PageRank is still used by Google, backlinks will continue to be a 2019 SEO trend, as they establish link power or authority.

“Linkless backlinks” are particularly effective since Google takes into account mentions of brands or websites even if a direct link to the target webpage is not provided. To ensure high quality content, it is always necessary to consider whether links to your page provide the user with additional value. Try to develop interesting and unique content which your users will want to share with others.

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Because users are drawn to images, many websites experienced traffic loss when Google improved their image search two years ago.

Rather than clicking on links, more and more users now scroll through the image search on Google, viewing the images like a gallery. While this presents a challenge, it can also be used to help you optimize traffic by improving your visual material. Try to include high quality images which harmoniously interact with your text and video content, adding value to the viewer’s experience.

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Successful SEO by Toronto ’s Very Own

Our SEO services highlight natural, white hat methods which accentuate the following:

Original Content, Focus Keyword Diversity, On-Page Component, Off-Page Diversity and Social Media Focus

The ultimate goal of our SEO campaigns is to organically increase positions, which in turn would result in higher traffic; more visibility and higher conversions. Our experience, resources, and tools enable us to design each custom optimization campaign around your business; with long tail keywords, Geo-targeting and website structure in mind.

As opposed to long, dreadful SEO contracts, which could be so cumbersome and risky, we dissect our SEO services into modules, with a clear goal and timeframe in mind. Regular analysis and assessments part of a successful optimization campaign. The philosophy behind natural growth Search Engine Optimization Strategy is to embrace the elements that the Search Engine considers important now and foresee upcoming changes in the Search algorithm.

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Research & Analysis

Search Optimization requires in-depth research of not only focus keywords but also analysis of competitors, their SEO approach, technical capabilities of existing website and Geographic focus in relation to the domain at hand. Our extensive experience and portfolio diversity exposed our Search Optimization team to a variety of scenarios. The knowledge collectively gained from the past is being passed on to each and every new client – constant learning and improvement is the underlying aspiration behind our work.

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Content Writing

Content marketing is taking the forefront of what Google deems important. Creating original, unique, informative, good quality content on the web is key to gaining high search engine ranking. Our team of local content writers is fully aware of the importance of their job. We analyze competition, research the subject and include data in our custom written content. Our ability to develop and optimize quality content is at the center of our successful SEO efforts.

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On-Page & Off-Page Strategy

On-Page Optimization

We at Nova ensure that your website meets the current Google parameters of what makes a quality website. Our gurus look at the code structure, internal linkage of pages, website load times, mobile browser capability as well as other elements that Google considers key when assigning a quality score to your Web page.

Off-Page Strategy

Link building, the favorite recipe for SEO companies, has to be examined carefully. With the latest Google updates, a large portion of link building techniques used prior is no longer accepted and can cause penalty from the Search Engine. Our professionals clean up older, poor quality links and implement most up-to-date linkage structure involving directories and social outlets, growing your SEO in an organic manner.

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On-Page SEO Optimization- A Guide For SEO by Toronto’s Nova Solutions

Our Step by Step guide that will give you the simple Tools to reach your Audience and Increase Profits


On-Page SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization- you know you need it, but the rules and methodology keep changing. You may have spent countless hours online or hired a digital marketing expert to help optimize your website, but if you’re still frustrated and confused by SEO, or not sure how the pieces fit together.
The truth is, you’re not alone. Many resourceful business owners wade into the world of digital marketing and self-teach to increase leads and ranking for themselves. They know that on-page SEO is integral to sites that get viewed and convert, but they encounter contradictory and ever-changing guidelines.
There’s good news: some of the most up-to-date SEO strategies are easy to understand and implement for your online business presence. Here we’ll break down the critical steps and components you’ll need to build a high-functioning web page. Our-step-by-step guide will give you the simple tools to reach your audience and increase profits.

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Crawl Your Website – See The Pages That Are Indexed

You will begin to analyze how well your existing website is performing by first gathering a list of all the page links you currently have indexed by search engines. There are free performance tools you can use like Xenu’s Link Sleuth. This easy-to-use, free app will crawl your website for broken links and show you all pages indexed.
With the site data you gather, create a spreadsheet to record URLs, page titles and meta descriptions (brief description/intro.) Now you can see everything you have, in one comprehensive list.

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Structure the Website With SEO in Mind

Organizing to prioritize your pages comes next. The website page and menu structure tell you where within the website each page exists so you can assess strategy of page location. For instance, are people easily finding your most important pages?
Home, primary and secondary web menu tags can be noted in a column beside each page link on your spreadsheet. This will help you picture the overall architecture of your website.

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Time for an update! Page titles, meta descriptions and URLs

How long are your titles? The recommended character length for a page title is less than 70. A straightforward way to update all on page SEO is to ensure each page title has less than the recommended 70 characters.
Meta description length should be 150 characters. The number of keywords used in this space should not be “spammy’, meaning keep it natural and create a sentence which describes what’s on the page in a conversational tone.
Update URLs if you’ve moved your website, you’ll need to ensure that old URLs are changed to point to your new website domain. This is easy to complete on your own with an app like Velvet Blue. It will allow you to compare and switch all details.

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What is your page purpose and who is the audience? User Experience in Mind!

Establish your value proposition and make sure your page is in line with it. For instance, the page should have a goal. This is where you explain in clear terms what value is to be delivered. It’s the reason your product is desirable, and the customer should buy from you. Aside from descriptions and other information, ensure the page reinforces how your product or service solves a problem and pleases people. That should be a clear focus of your home page, but each internal page will perform best when you keep these points top of mind and top of page. Be concise, credible, and accessible.
Note: this is an effective element for real people to read, not robots. An element of ranking success relates to more real people reading and finding value in your content.
Identify your page’s target audience. If you haven’t spent time on this yet, you’ll find it’s a beneficial foundation to inform your page content and communication strategy in the future. What age group and background are clients coming from? What frustrates them and what do they seek? Are they in a hurry, want to research, need a lot of convincing, or very visual? If you keep your audience persona in mind when you optimize web pages, you’ll have a better chance of speaking with them.

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Create New Page Titles to Cater to both Audience and Keywords

Now that you’ve taken inventory, you understand your website’s architecture, and you know whom you’re trying to reach, let’s take a closer look at page titles.
Title Tags: Your title tag is what search engines display. It’s a clickable link and shows in the title bar at the top of a browser. It also serves as a title when someone saves a page. Though it’s essential, it doesn’t appear on your web page itself.
H1 Tags: Once they’ve traveled to your website, this is the title users see. They should reflect your findings: tell the audience without being redundant what the page is about, and make sure to include the Keyword Phrase. This is generically a good format to follow “Keyword Phrase | Context.” or Meet Our Team | Local SEO Experts at Your Service

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A Meta Description with an Impact

This is a relatively short sentence which declares your page’s purpose and incorporates the same keyword as you placed in your title. Be sure it’s a clear and compelling, original sentence that includes the same keyword as your page’s title. It should not have excessive keywords or sound unnatural when read.
For best SEO results, accurately summarize page content and keep it to roughly 160 characters. For mobile, the limit used to be much lower with Google truncating descriptions longer than around 130 characters, but they have expanded.

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Keep Track on Which Pages Relate To Which Keywords

Your official page keyword defines the central topic of your page. It’s a short series of two or three words in some cases, combined to make a “keyword.” It is natural for such words to have related variations and synonyms while discussing the topic.
The key is to use these as you define the central topic yet without loosing focus on the central keyword. You want to avoid multiple pages on your website with ranking against each other by mixing terminology. The exception is your home page which would by default mention several keyword while it attempts to explain what your webpage is all about. Sometimes a generic overview pages for Services or Categories can also mention a number of keywords in one page but that is why it is best to keep these pages light in content and SEO effort.

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Review and Edit The Page Content – Add Visuals

Write directly to your target audience, outline their issue and the solution you offer. You decided earlier what your essential message is and who your audience is- write in a “tone” they’ll appreciate. Your pages should have at least 500 words and break them up into subsections with headers (H2 titles). It is a good idea to keep track of existing content and changes that need to be implemented.
Remember the key is to provide answer.
Is content just text? No way- your visual elements such as graphs, photos and videos are captivating for audiences and increase the time they spend on a page as well as click rates. Some digital marketing experts suggest the future is visual and while text remains critical, these dynamic elements are more prevalent and effective than ever.

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Interlink The Pages Within !

One element that is always neglected is the interlinking of the internal pages. Remember that you are working for the user, so make sure not to spam your anchors with keywords. Visitor experience is key so ;paying out links in a logical, helpful matter is important. Nowadays a few outbound links to high end sources is also welcomed by Google. So do not worry to have outbound links to cite sources or provide a reference.

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How do your pages convert? Optimize For Results

Conversion rates are vital for online business yet often overlooked. Each web page you publish has the potential to convert and sell, so you can use this step in your review to analyze whether you have a call to action on each page. Ideally, you have more than one and more than one way for people to contact you easily. Remember, many users click through websites fast. State your value, repeat the offer, invite them to get it and make it easy. If you wish to increase the number of leads and emails your site generates, ensure you have CTAs for various stages of the funnel (engagement with your online presence from start to finish) When you add CTAs or contact and subscribe options, track the changes in leads that result.

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Search Engine and Digital Marketing Experts

Grey–hat SEO techniques harm millions of websites, and Nova’s custom approach philosophy goes against that. At Nova Solutions our team of Search Engine Marketing experts in Toronto have been focusing their efforts on enhancing the exposure and driving search traffic to the Websites of our clientele.

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SEO Experience

With more than a decade of Search Engine Optimization under our belt, we have developed a diversified approach to rank improvement.

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SEO Toronto

SEO Toronto

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We believe that the combined efforts of our team are greater than any one individual, so we continue to strive for excellence through emphasizing teamwork—both internally and with our clients.

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Nova Solutions aims to be the standard for website optimization in Toronto—consult us today and help us reach that goal.

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Custom SEO Strategy by Nova Solutions Toronto

Nova Solutions has been proudly providing SEO services in Toronto and the surrounding GTA area since 2005


SEO Company

Our team strives to maximize the online exposure of our clients through customizing and tailoring our strategy for each unique business—we understand that no two companies are alike. This is accomplished through the careful refinement of keyword combinations, link building, social media content and other tactics in order to provide a complete and thorough implementation strategy.

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Intensity & Focus

Focusing on rationalization behind the intensity of a Search Engine Optimization campaign is an important aspect often ignored by most SEO Companies. With providing the service as a primary objective, there is a lack of attention on the strategic aspects of Search Engine Marketing.

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More Than Just Keywords

With a wave of recent Google updates focusing on the real-world value of the website, a vast number of websites got penalized and dropped in rankings. The Search Engine community was heavily affected. The websites that have dropped in rank had a large, tedious and unknown task of search rank recovery in front of them. Business owners and marketing professionals are now re-rationalizing the use of Search Engine marketing which became much more complex and multi-layered.

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Keyword Relevance

We at Nova take into the account the competition of most relevant keywords; the ability to use the age of the domain or the need to purchase a new one; customer’s long and short-term marketing goals; existence of long tail keywords; existence of resources to support a Search Strategy with a Social Media Campaign etc.
With many websites penalized, after Google’s updates in Fall and Winter of 2013, it might be more practical in some instances to purchase and optimize a new domain–mind you, one must keep in mind time limitations in relation to business peak seasons.

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Link Building

With the almost complete elimination of link building, it takes a substantial effort which not only includes updated On-Page (on the website) techniques, but a far more complex Off-Page strategy which heavily relies on content marketing and Social Media exposure. For some, it might not make ROI sense to undertake such a strategy when considering the time it takes, the expectancy of results and industry-specific factors.

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We at Nova encourage everyone to follow through with a thorough On-Page Search Engine Strategy. Having quality original content, social media profiles and a correct SEO is key, yet a proper Off-Page strategy is not always recommended. At times a combination of other Search Marketing Services can be more efficient in the long and short-term.

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Search Engine Specialist

Nova has a team of dedicated Search Engine Optimization specialist in Vaughan, ensuring that their clients get the best results. Nova Solutions’ team consists of copywriters, web interface designers and consultants.

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