2017 SEO Trends: What Can Boost Your Website Ranking

2017 SEO Trends

What Can Boost Your Website Ranking

Traditional methods of online advertising will be thrown out the window this year as SEO takes center stage. As web masters understand how search algorithms work, they are developing more effective strategies to keep their web pages on top of their competition. Below are a few trends in SEO that we expect to be big in 2017.


An Increase In Accelerated Mobile Pages (Amps)

We all know that search engines prefer faster loading websites. This is even more critical when it comes to mobile pages. Most web masters will begin using AMP properties in order to boost their site loading speed and improve rankings. Implementing this is easy, simply install an AMP plugin if you use a CMS like WordPress and customize it to suit your needs. With high site load speed, you can help to improve rankings, reduce site bounce rate and average session as well as the click through rate. All these factors have a positive impact on search rankings.

Focus On Attaining Rank 0 On SERP

If you pay attention to changes in Google’s SERP, you may have noticed the Rich Answer Box which is simply a snippet of text that contains a quick answer to the user’s query.

Web masters will now focus on having their website appear on top of the first page result. To do this, they have to ensure that their content is focused on providing the most fulfilling answer to the user. Webmasters will focus on making their websites pop up with rich answers by making more efforts to come up with clear and complete content on any topic. Content will no longer be created to add quantity but more focus will be on making sure it is user-centric.

Significant Growth In Voice Search

Voice search is also expected to grow significantly in 2017. More users are expected to use voice search in making queries on search engines and web masters will ensure their content is well optimized to provide fast answers. Content will be optimized to attract target audiences.

Content Will Remain King

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise since content marketing has played a huge role in rankings since time in memorial. Web masters will continue to take time to develop unique, engaging and well-researched content. Instead of copying content from different platforms, more webmasters will develop strategies to generate creative and original information that inspires their target audience. From informative videos to infographics, 2017 is the year when different kinds of content will be explored to foster engagement and website rankings.

More Cross Channel Marketing

Webmasters will still continue to grow their audiences on different platforms. Some people prefer to spend their time on Facebook, whereas others opt for Twitter or Snapchat. It’s important to ensure your brand gets complete exposure across different platforms. In 2017, more brands will grow their presence across different platforms in order to enhance visibility and better understand their markets in different areas. Focus should not only be on doing proper SEO but also investing in engaging content, an active blog and social media pages.

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