4 Social Media and PR Tips to Use in 2017

Social Media and PR Tips

Affect your Website Ranking

It’s not a secret that nowadays SEO is not limited to on-site content creation and backlinks building, social media has become more powerful and even may affect your website ranking. Over the last couple of years, brands have had to rethink how they handle their public relations especially in the backdrop of social media. In the past, a lot of PR work was done through traditional media. Fast forward to today and tides have changed and incredibly so. What people are saying about your brand on social media has become a key component in how your brand is perceived. As such, it has become imperative for brands to extend their public relation strategies to social media. In fact, social media and PR have become so intertwined that it’s becoming harder every day to know where to draw the line.


As a brand, there are certain strategies that you can make use of to handle your PR in 2017. These are strategies that leverage on your social media followers and presence as a whole.

Leverage On Your Brand’s Superfans

Your brand’s superfans are the people who advocate for it at every opportunity. They share your products, engage with anyone seeking to get more information on your products or services and will defend you when the need arises.

If you have such fans, you might want to surrender some PR and social media ground to them. Focus on your superfans, give them the necessary tools and show them appreciation and watch them bring in new customers.

Give Up Some Control

In order to control your market, you have to be willing to lose some control by handing it over to the fans. Most brands create original content for themselves and the fans are left to share it and discuss and give feedback. However, a brand that seeks to understand the market well and eventually get more control must be willing to share some of its power with its fans. Allow the fans to create content on your behalf, give them tools and platforms to produce personalized content and you’ll grow your brand as a collective effort between you and your fans.

Develop Your Content With The Long Term In Mind

Some brands will create their social media and PR strategies way in advance. For instance, some companies have their social media themes for the 12 months in a year set out in January. Writing the content well in advance allows you to react and respond to anything that comes up along the way without interfering with your social media and PR work schedule.

Give Utility To Your Customers

Your goal is not just to sell your services and products to your customers, but to let them know you are useful as well. A good way to ensure you come across as useful is by providing them with information when they need it. Providing the right information to your customers is a surefire way to earn their respect as you are showing them that selling isn’t your only motive.As SEO, social media and PR continue to seamlessly blend into each other, these tips will ensure that you keep up to date with events and changing landscapes. As a brand, you should never underestimate the power of social media or your followers. Leverage on this and you will notice higher visibility and higher sales.

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