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If you have been struggling to secure increased organic traffic this article is for you. Your website’s authority is a vital factor that determines the traffic you get from Google. The higher the authority, the more traffic your website gets. As much as Google focuses on ranking pages and not websites, it will be easier for you page to get a good ranking if your website commands significant authority. So what are the things you need to do if you’re building website authority within 90 days?

Before we dive into the actions you ought to take to achieve a healthy website authority, let us look at the process of calculating website authority.

Authority calculation by SEMrush

When you visit the SEMrush page- a search engine and SEO analytics software- you will notice there is a number (on a 100-point scale) the software allocates to every domain known as an authority score. This number indicates how important your domain is, meaning the higher the number the more website authority your site has.

The Authority score utilizes machine learning for calculation and it is a proprietary metric. The software uses a domain’s specific metrics to measure the authority level. This specific metrics includes a domain’s organic search traffic/position, backlink profile, and other traffic data relating to the specific website undergoing ranking. That is how SMErush calculates website authority. Now, let us look at ways of building website authority.

Tactics for good website authority in just 90 days:

1. Guest Posting

Toronto SEO experts will tell you that creating and publishing high-quality content (in websites that fall in your niche) which has a high domain score and popularity when it comes to your audience, is one way of increasing the authority of your website. This is guest posting.

When you guest post, you will want to link back the audience to a related post on your website thereby creating some degree of authority for that website.

2. Get links from friends

Find out if your friends are ranking for similar keywords as you. If this is the case, ask them to do you the favor of adding a link back to your website in their content. Make sure that the keywords they are ranking are core to your business but not to theirs. This ensures that you do not have conflicting interests.

3. Utilize Podcasts

By being invited to speak as a guest on podcasts, you can greatly benefit from backlinks and mentions in the show’s notes. Find out how you can utilize a high authority podcast and the results will amaze you.

4. Write High-Quality Content

When you write high-quality content you will definitely attract more links to your website. Here are examples of content that have the potential of generating the most links:

• Authoritative content answering popular questions
• Strong political or opinion posts
• Content providing original insights and research
• Authoritative news content relating to new developments or products

5. Utilize social media for content promotion

By promoting your content regularly via social media channels you expose more people to it. If these people love what they are consuming from you, there is a very high possibility that they will share it on their own platforms for others to see thus increasing your chances of getting links. Nevertheless, you have to share new, captivating content multiple times if you want to gain more attention.

By utilizing the above tactics you will increase your website’s authority in a short period.

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Churning new content regularly

One of the ways in which you keep your site optimized and your visitors enthralled is through churning new content regularly. No one wants to return to the same old content day in, day out and because of this, it is important to keep finding new original ideas to help you with your content. There are some things you should keep in mind when creating content, and one is to let your imagination run wild. Do not be restricted by the same old rules you have been working with for the longest time. Also, keep in mind that you are writing to offer value to your readers, not for yourself.


There are seven types of content that you can look into if you are hoping to keep things fresh and exciting:

1. Content That Helps The Reader Solve A Problem

Usually, people go online because they are looking for solutions to their problems. As such, if you can curate tips that help people save money or time, you can be assured of loyal and regular visits to your site. A problem-solving blog post could be a simple list of tips or an elaborate “How to Guide” on a particular topic.

2. Check Which Questions Keep Coming Up

This will allow you to create a page with frequently asked questions where readers can refer whenever they have similar questions. Alternatively, you can choose to deep dive into individual questions in a recurring weekly post.

3.Have Interviews With Subject Matter Experts

People respond well to expert opinion, especially if this has proven itself credible in the past. Consider having an interview segment featuring well-known authority figures. This could run weekly or monthly depending on how fast you are able to get interviews. And worry not, these interviews can be done in the form of questions shared and answered via email.

4. A Simple Biographical Page On You Or Another Subject

Do you feel like your bio could be inspiring to your readers? Or maybe you know someone who’s would? How about having a quick biographical section on a subject that would provide inspiration to your readers? This would keep them interested in returning to your site to learn something new about the people they possibly look up to.

5. Create Seasonal Articles Based On Current Trends

For instance, during the Christmas season, you might want to focus on Christmas gift shopping. This should be relatively easy content to create depending on the seasons. For instance, during Easter you already know that people are possibly looking for ways to be creative with the long holiday. It is a good idea to prepare, index and upload such content a few months to the season so that the search engines have enough time to pick it up and have it ready when readers want it.

6. Curate A Reliable Database Of Industry Statistics

Create content that contains industry-related statistics that your readers would be interested in. It is important that you find reliable statistics from credible sources, and credit these sources in your articles as well.

7. Add A News Page To Your Site

There is always something new happening, regardless of which industry you are in. As such, adding a news related page to your site means you’ll always have fresh content for your readers.

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