Do I Really Need an SEO Expert?

Can’t I Just Do It Myself?

Information and Free SEO Tools

With all the information and free SEO tools that are out there, you might be wondering whether you really need an SEO expert. After all, hiring an SEO expert may seem like a costly line to add to your marketing budget if it is something that you have never done before.

Let’s start with the question of whether it’s possible for a business owner to conduct their own search engine optimization. The answer is yes, it is possible. But remember, whatever time you devote to SEO, is time that you need to take from somewhere else. It is common for business owners to hire accountants, financial advisors, lawyers not because the work is impossible for the business owner but because these are areas that are outside the business owner’s area of speciality and the business owner’s time can be better spent elsewhere. (Not to mention the fact that there can be serious consequences for these jobs being done wrong.)

So here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider hiring an SEO expert.

Your Online Success is Determined by Your Search Engine Optimization

Do you even remember what a phone book is? The new generation of consumers have grown up researching everything online. So when they come looking for your product or service, chances are they will look for it online before they come walking into your physical building.

This makes it vitally important that businesses are successful online – and that is determined by how good your SEO is.

Learning the basics of SEO may not be difficult, but it often takes an SEO expert to take things to the next level. We don’t have to spend hours and hours learning the tricks of the trade – we already know them.

If online success is important to you, you need an SEO professional.

Good SEO Takes Time

If you are not prepared to spend a lot of time on your search engine optimization, then it is best to hire an SEO expert. While some tasks such as submitting your site to search engines can be done relatively quickly, there are others that are time consuming and long term.

SEO is not a destination but a journey. Building backlinks, establishing a reputation through blogs, social media and other tools and then using metrics to analyse your success and tweak strategies are all part of a good SEO plan. But if you are not prepared to take time from your day to day operations, then you need an SEO expert.

Website Optimization Done Wrong has Consequences

If your business’s accounting or legal matters are done in the wrong way, it can have some serious consequences for your business. The same is true if your site optimization is done wrong. No one will go to jail over shoddy SEO techniques, but they could cost your business a lot of lost revenue.

If SEO is merely done poorly, your site will not receive a good ranking in search engines. Since people rarely search beyond the second or third page, this means that your potential customers may end up as customers of your competition rather than you.

If SEO is done unethically or uses techniques that violate Googles (and the other search engines) strict guidelines, your site could be banned from the search engines altogether.

So, if not being found by your potential customers is not a risk that you are willing to take, then you need a reputable SEO expert.

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