Domain Extensions For SEO

Domain Extensions For SEO

Should I Buy All Of The Extensions Of My Domain?

This is a popular dilemma for those who are just starting out with a new business. When you’re buying your .com, .ca, .org or .net it’s hard not to want to buy all of the other extensions that are just sitting there waiting for somebody to snatch them up. It can get pretty expensive to purchase every single extension with your business name so it’s not always feasible to purchase all of them.

Protect Your Brand

You do want to purchase multiple domain extensions to protect your brand. It would be upsetting to put all of your hard work into your site, your branding and your products for your .com only to find out that someone else has purchased the .ca and is now competing with you. Some brands have also been faced with the downside of not purchasing all of their url extensions and finding out that someone has used a different extension to create a site to write about them.

The con of purchasing all of your domain’s extensions is that you have to spend a lot of money. Not only are you going to have to spend money on the initial purchase, but every year you’ll have to renew all of the domains. This will be an ongoing expense for the life of your business.

A good rule of thumb is to pick the most popular url extensions. There are some domains that make no sense to hold onto and continue to pay for year after year. Others are necessities for building a strong brand and protecting your company’s name.

The domain extension .com is still the strongest and most popular one. This is the extension you want to buy above all the others – and if your business is located in Canada, it’s a good idea to get the .ca as well. The extension .co is coming up the ranks as the next popular domain. Next there are .biz, .org, and .info.

Your online reputation should be a priority. Owning all of your domain extensions can be a powerful asset. Having them allows you to create sites and have them rank well in addition to your main site. The more control you have of your online brand the better off you are.

When buying URL extensions it is also important to think about your company’s future. While a television a show or a webcast sounds like something your brand would never need you never know what opportunities will arise as you grow your company. Consider buying the URL extension .tv just in case you someday need it as an unexpected branding tool. Your brand may still be small and it may be difficult to imagine needing an extension such as .tv, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Lastly, you should consider the new extensions that have more recently come on the market. Extensions like .jewelry, .company and .shop are gaining popularity. They are the future of domain extensions and if they apply to your business now is the time to consider investing in them.

Purchase endings that best apply to your company. Obviously, if you are a jewelry company purchasing the domain extension .gov isn’t really necessary. Focus on owning the most popular ones and don’t waste money on the extensions that don’t apply to you.

Domain Extensions For SEO

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