Effectively Find Customers For Your Toronto Business With Local SEO

Toronto Business With Local SEO

Effectively Find Customers

Research shows that half of customers who search for local businesses on Google end up visiting the store. This emphasizes on the importance of local SEO for your Toronto business. Many consumers are now relying on their mobile phones to make purchasing decisions. From reading reviews to checking maps and business details, you need to have your local SEO done right in order to attract the tech savvy consumers in your locality. Below are tips to help you get started with local SEO.

Local SEO

Sign Up For Google My Business Account

Signing up is free so you have no excuse not to have a Google My Business account. With this account, you can list all your business details including your phone number, email address and website URL as well as reviews and testimonials from your customers. Having this account will put your local business on the map. Your business will appear on Google Maps whenever someone is searching for its location or similar businesses. It’s easy and free.

Always Update Your Business Details

If you change your location, telephone number or any other business details, make sure you’ve updated this information on all the platforms where your business is listed. The information about your local business such as hours of operation, website URL and location should be consistent all through. This will increase the chances of the business appearing on top search results.

When adding a business description, be as detailed as possible and include key terms and words that best describe what you do. Think of what a customer who is interested in a service or product you offer would search for in order to find you and include these terms in your description. Using specific words in your description will certainly improve search results and push relevant traffic to your listing.

Get More Reviews From Customers

Reviews are considered as a key factor by Google algorithms when ranking businesses for various search terms. Good reviews will not only help your business to build trust but also improve search rankings significantly. Google perceives the reviews as relevant and unique content which is an added advantage to your web rankings.

You need to continue engaging with your customers so that they can post reviews about your business. Also consider developing a campaign where you provide an incentive to customers for leaving a review online. Be careful not to go against the guidelines set by listing websites like Yelp or soliciting reviews from customers.

Respond To Negative Reviews

If you have bad reviews of your business, there’s no reason to panic and flash out all your pages. There will always be customers who simply did not have anything positive to say regarding your brand. It’s critical for you to respond properly to these poor reviews. You need to show other potential customers that you made an attempt to reach out and remedy the issue. Responding also means you will be creating more unique content which is good for search rankings. Some customers can even change their reviews if you make an effort to address their concerns.

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