Factors That Affect Your Website Visibility On Local Listings

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Locality Page Rankings

Have you recently noticed that your web page rankings are great in one locality and not another? This is not as uncommon as you might presume. In fact, it happens to sites that put a lot of efforts in local SEO Toronto. We’ll show you how to tell if your pages are ranking in one area and how to make proper changes to get back on top.

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A Review Of Your Competitors

Are there any location-based keywords that you would like to rank for? Look at the websites ranking for these keywords or phrases and try to figure out what features they have going for them. Below are a few things to watch out for when reviewing your competitors:

  • – Do they have lots of local links? Some website owners have focused on local specific links that work in helping them rank in a specific geography. Check whether the site has local directories as well. If this is the case, start working on improving your local link profile. You may create content for each location making sure it’s unique and relevant.
  • – Do they serve the specific location? Sometimes the business that ranks top for that location may be offering its service in that region alone. If you serve a broad set of locations, you’ll probably not appear for certain local searches.
  • – Do they have localized listings? Listings, especially on top sites like Moz Local can really push your competitors on top of local searches. Check if your competitor has listed on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor among others.
  • – Does the site rank well in Google Maps? A good ranking on Google Maps can also significantly boost your local traffic on search.
  • – Are they running ads on local AdWords? If this is the case, your competitors can push their organic rankings by bidding on local keywords and getting high click through rates. By buying local ads, you can sometimes boost your organic click through rates so that’s one thing to consider. Hire a SEO company that specializes in PPC advertising to get the most of local ads.

Review The Behavior Of Location-Based Searchers

Think about the target audience in that specific location. Are they less likely to search for your brand since they don’t really know you well in that area? If you are not as popular in the area, searchers may not click on your site when it appears in the SERPs. Additionally, the searcher’s intent may be different simply because of their geographical location. For instance, if there is a local language in the area, a simple word may mean two different things. Make sure you think about the searcher and customize your content to meet their requirements.

Ideally, you can create different kinds of content based on the searcher’s location. This means that someone who is performing a search in Toronto would see different results from someone typing the same query in the US. You need to work on all the local ranking signals that might be holding you back.

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