Five Techniques for SEO

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Earning Better Search Engine Rankings And Attracting Visitors

SEO is becoming a more and more widely understood concept when it comes to content marketing and online presence. The key is to harness the best techniques for your website, to make your content as effective as possible in earning better search engine rankings and attracting visitors. Here are five techniques to ensure you’re mastering SEO content marketing in 2015:

Five Techniques for SEO

Tip #1 ~ Host engaging content to maximize the customer experience.

These days, people want to be both entertained and informed. When someone clicks through to your site, they are looking not just for aesthetics, but information. If the information they’re searching for is too hard to find, they’re not going to stay very long. Content needs to be readily accessed, and easily navigated. It needs to be captivating. Content needs to be creative and compelling, while also being algorithm-friendly.

Tip # 2 ~ Adapt your site to be mobile-friendly

Research shows that there is an increase of people are using mobile technology – smartphones, tablets, etc. – rather than desktop computers to access websites. People want information on the go. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, people won’t bother with it. A significant part of keeping up with the times in 2015 is being mobile-ready.

Tip # 3 ~ Don’t let the machines do all the work.

As technology evolves and SEO changes alongside it, there might be a temptation to let the computers do all of the networking. But human relationships are just as important now as ever. Marketing is becoming a more integrated endeavour, connecting content with advertising, and a big part of this is the human voice. Because people can have vast influence on the internet, using blogs and social media to become ambassadors for, or against, brands, it’s extremely important to make good connections. Building relationships with people who are going to relay content on your behalf is critical for harnessing all aspects of the integrated marketing mix. Brands that can humanize their approach to content marketing and SEO will be brands that succeed in 2015.

Tip # 4 ~ Localize your content

An often forgotten but important technique for SEO is to localize the content. When making use of keywords, you should mention the city that you’re gearing your content towards. Make sure the website’s headings and image tags also specify the city, and state or province. This way your content will be the most relevant for people searching in your area. Don’t forget this easy but crucial step.

Tip #5 ~ Monitor your content regularly

Once your content is in place, utilize the available tools, such as analytics, to see what’s working. Don’t just leave your content to work passively, but check on it regularly. This will point to your successes, and also to where you can improve. Don’t ignore this information, because it can help you in the future. Businesses track sales and profits, so be sure to track the visits and returns to your site. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste.

Just like any business effort, ROI is something to consider. SEO is no different. When writing content and publishing it online, you’re hoping it will be fruitful. Instead of winging it, try implementing these 5 useful SEO techniques and see what happens.

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