Getting Your Landing Pages More Search Engine Traffic

Getting More Search Engine Traffic

Quality For Landing Pages

Many business owners are paying to drive more traffic to their landing pages. Whether through pay per click ads, display ads or social media marketing, you can drive traffic to a particular page in order to increase conversions. When it comes to search engine traffic, you don’t always have to pay in order to drive relevant users to your landing pages. We’ll share with you tips to get more quality traffic to your landing pages.

Search Engine Traffic

Add Proper Title Tag And Meta Description Tags

Users are likely to read the information on the title tag and meta tag description before clicking on your landing page link. Make sure the title is enticing to users. It helps to add a unique and optimized description. If you leave the title and meta description tags empty, Google will automatically grab any content on the page to fill up the field. You don’t want this to happen as it may not portray the quality of content on the web page. Working on these tags is one of the best ways to get relevant traffic to your page. You don’t have to stuff them with keywords but consider what users are looking for and include this in the description.

Revamp The Content On The Landing Page

Always ensure that the content on the landing page will meet the searcher’s needs. If not, make adjustments to the content to make sure they are swayed enough to take action. Whether this means signing up to a new program or buying a product, the ultimate goal is to make as many visitors to the landing page convert. Invest in a good content marketing strategy which helps you to populate your website with quality and interesting content. Focus on topics that are unique and engaging to your readers. Fix call to actions strategically in landing pages to help generate conversions.

Optimize Landing Pages For Search

Keyword rich landing pages will always be favored by search engines. When creating content, use unique keywords that your users are likely to search for when seeking your product or service. This is will contribute to the landing page ranking high on search and giving your website lots of organic traffic. Just ensure you don’t spam the pages with lots of keywords.

Landing Pages Should Be Mobile-Friendly

You went through lots of effort to get people to visit your landing pages, what you need to ensure is that they have a great user experience regardless of the device they are using to browse on your website. Invest in a mobile friendly website design. If it’s a contact form that people will be filling out on the landing page, try it and ensure it appears nicely across different platforms. Don’t drive people away because the landing page is not mobile-optimized.

Ensure Quick Loading Times

Landing pages need to load fast. When the page loads slower than two seconds, you risk losing relevant conversions. Take measures to improve site load speed such as compressing large files before uploading them to your server.

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