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Tips for Local SEO

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Local SEO is extremely important, as small businesses try to compete with the big businesses that hold the top spots on the first page of Google search engine rankings. According to research, the top three spots get 80% of all clicks. 98% of consumers only stay on the first page of the rankings. If you’re a small business, the most you can expect if you’re not on the first page is 2% of clicks for a particular keyword. That 2% goes down even lower the farther back you go in the rankings.

In order to compete with other businesses, you must enter your company information in the Google My Business platform. It’s essentially a streamlined dashboard that gives business owners access to all of Google’s existing business tools and products.

Local SEO

Utilize GMB for Local SEO Purposes

Here are some of the ways you can utilize GMB for local SEO purposes:

– Make sure you fill out all of the information about your company. Your profile should be complete. The more information you present, the more the search engine algorithms will have to work with. Be sure to add photos as well for image SEO, as well as a map and directions.

– Encourage customers to leave reviews and actively respond to all of them. Reviews are extremely important, even if they’re negative. Responding to them will convey a message to your customers and would-be customers that you care and that you are paying attention. You also get a chance to mitigate negative reviews with discounts and kindness. Thanks to simple tools in the dashboard, you can promote reviews on your Google Plus page.

– Build a community and share information and news with followers. This is easy to do if you have a Google Plus account. You can use the community to inform potential customers of your latest promotions and sales. If you have a blog, link to the blog posts from your Google+ Community. All you have to do is enter information and click the “share update” feature on the dashboard.

– Upload images regularly. Having outdated images on your local SEO profile might give off the impression that your company is also outdated. If you have an office in different locations, put photos of each specific office on its corresponding location page. You might want to put up images of products as well. If you offer services, take before and after pictures. Create a portfolio to let users see what your business is capable of.

– Participate in Google Hangouts. It offers the opportunity to answer questions and to connect with up to ten or so customers at a time. With the Hangout on Air feature, you can streamline a conversion directly to YouTube and share it on multiple channels.

– Measure your success with Google Insights and Analytics. These tools allow you to determine what consumers are looking for when they visit your site. They help you keep track of your visitors so that you’ll know how to better target them in the future.

There are many more tools and resources offered by Google My Business. Using them properly will help you increase your local SEO rankings so that you have a better chance of making it to number one!

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