How Long Google Indexes Website

For many marketers and businesses, the main purpose of creating SEO optimized content is to rank top on Google. The time it takes for your content to rank on top in Google search depends on several factors which include competition, authority etc. For you to realize the actual time taken for a page to rank on top in Google search, you first need to understand Google crawling and Google indexing, which is the process by which Google adds pages to its search engine.

However, in this text, we will focus on the performance of old top-ranking pages to try and illustrate the dynamics of page ranking.

How old are the pages that appear first when someone searches for specific content?

According to a study by Ahrefs which involved studying pages retrieved after keying in 2 million random keywords, most pages that rank position one are 3 years old. Moreover, the top ten pages on Google search for a specific keyword are, on average, two years old. Consequently, the study established that only 22% of pages appearing among the top ten are a year old. The pages less than a year old and ranked in top ten were very few in number. This shows that old pages dominate in SERP.

So, after how long does a page rank in Google?

Ahrefs then went ahead to study data collected after randomly selecting 2 million pages which underwent crawling a year before. They tracked each page’s position history in relation to any keyword Google used to rank it. The results showed that only 5.7% of the studied pages appeared among the top 10 in the search results for at least one keyword within 1 year. Furthermore, Ahrefs’ study illustrated that pages coming from high Domain Rating (DR) websites performed better than those from low DR websites.

Interestingly, further studies revealed that most of the pages falling into the 5.7% percent category got to the top 10 positions, from nowhere, in approximately 61-182 days. This data, therefore, shows that of all newly created and published data within a year, only 5.7 percent will become part of Google’s top 10 content results.

Breaking down the data further and looking at the keyword monthly search volume, Ahref established that in a year or less, only 0.3 percent of pages got to the top 10 due to a high volume keyword. Even though this finding is from the 5.7% that make it to the top 10 each year, it shows that content with low-volume keyword can rank top in a shorter time compared to content with high volume keywords.

What is the meaning of all this?

The above study by Ahref does not give a definite answer to the “how long ranking takes” question- however, it shows that about 95% of newly created and published pages do make it to the top 10 in Google search within a year. For the lucky ones that get there, it takes them about 2 to 6 months to achieve this feat.

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