How To Get Others To Share Your Content On Google+

Share Your Content On Google+

Share Content And Engage With Your Audience

Google+ is yet to get to the levels of Facebook or Twitter but this has not in any way limited its potential as a platform to share content and engage with your audience. There is a dedicated group of users on Google+. You also have the advantage of being pushed by Google thus are assured of better exposure. This is because Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world. The best way to have an impact from your content on Google+ is to get it shared by other users. This can be achieved in a set of social media strategies outlined below:

Share Content On Google

Look For Fans On Google+

The first step is connecting with the Google+ community and establishing fans over time. You have to look for people who will identify with your brand and find your content engaging. These are the people who will read your messages and share them with others in their networks. They become some sort of brand advocates. They not only love your product but are also eager to tell the world about it. A good way to go about this is to let Google+ connect you to such people. This increases the group from which you can form your audience and potential new clients.

You may need to group the various connections in three circles depending on their eagerness, characteristics and the likelihood of them sharing out your content. As such, you may have potential candidates, engaging fans and your brand ambassadors. In your first search, target a wider group to increase chances of finding users who can be brand ambassadors. You will be looking for users who are discussing your topic and product. You can also use keywords and hashtags related to your industry, brand and product. Another source can be your competitors’ pages who may provide you with people more likely to identify with your product. You can also identify users with greater influence by using the ripple feature. This indicates the public shares a user’s link generates and shows you the influence a user wields.

Engage With Your Circle Members

Adding people to your circles is just the first step and it is an easy one. The second step involves you getting on these people’s radar. This will take long and more work as you have to start commenting, sharing and engaging them. It will take some time for them to notice you but soon you will see people also engaging with your content and these you can now move to people who engage circle. High level of activity on your Google+ profile will also positively impact your SEO results overall.

Offers And Inviting Users Through Private Emails

This is a good step which allows you to identify the people who can be your brand ambassadors. All you have to do is create a special offer for the people in your ‘fans who engage’ circle and send it to them using private message via an opt-in. The message and offers you give should fulfil the receivers’ needs and be more unique than the usual discount offers. You do not want to be viewed as a spammer but as someone offering a special unique deal. Those who opt in can then be moved to the third circle of brand ambassadors.

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