Image Optimization SEO: Why Is It Important For SEO?

Image Optimization SEO

Why Is It Important For SEO?

Optimizing your image content is not dissimilar from the rest of your SEO endeavours. With some careful planning, the visual elements on your site can be optimized to increase your website’s overall ratings. Here are some helpful things you can consider for Image Optimization SEO:

  • – The pictures themselves: Always make sure your content, in this case image content, is unique. Rather than duplicating anyone else’s pictures, be sure to create your own, whether they’re photographs, memes, infographs, or anything else. Having unique content is important in ensuring that people come to your site to see it.
  • – Files: There’s lots to think about when it comes to the files that you upload. You want to make sure you are using common file types, so there are no compatibility issues with browsers opening them. The most common are jpegs and pngs. Stick with those, as they are considered universal. Next, make sure your file size isn’t too large. Yes, big pictures on a webpage are attractive, but they take up virtual space, and therefore can take a long time to load. You don’t want to hinder your site’s SEO by having a page that takes ages before your visitors can actually view it. Long wait times make viewers leave the page early, meaning that they don’t end up seeing your picture, or reading any of your content. Pictures are good, but they’re useless if they deter people from seeing your page.
  • – Keywords, keywords, keywords: Always make sure that the file name of your uploaded image utilizes relevant keywords. The titles and the tags on your pages, as well as any descriptive text should all make use of the keywords that are going to steer searchers to your page. Without being redundant to the point of spamming and stuffing, your content should be clear about the keywords it employs. Since search engines are only in the early stages of actually being able to see visual content, they still need textual guidance on what’s is being displayed, so write a good, explanatory description of your content. That way it will be more easily found by the search engine crawlers.
  • – Map your site: Sitemapping is an excellent way to get your visual content found by search engines. By providing the layout of your site, you are pointing out to search engine crawlers the exact locations of the images and what they contain. This makes their job easier, and improves your SEO in the process.
  • – Make your content shareable: Make sure your webpages house links to all of your social media pages. By inserting the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. logos right onto your webpage, you are enabling and encouraging your viewers to share your image content right to social media. The more your social media reflects your website’s good reputation, the more certain search engines will be likely to boost your SEO ratings. Take the guesswork out of sharing, and empower your followers to boast your content for you.

Remember, images done the right way can provide a lot of value to your site. Make sure you’re getting the most out of them by optimizing them.

Image Optimization SEO

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