Local SEO Tips For Startup Companies In Toronto

Startup Companies SEO Tips In Toronto

Attract Relevant Audiences

If you are starting out a new business, it is important to attract online users who conduct local searches. This is because they are more likely to visit your local business compared to other kinds of users. Local search terms integrate highly targeted keywords which helps businesses to attract relevant audiences. Getting started with local SEO for your new business is easy. You need to sort out the basics first. Let’s look at some key areas you must pay attention to.

SEO Tips For Startup Company

Set Up An Account On Google Places

If your business is listed by Google, you need to claim your Google Places listing. If not, you need to set up an account on Google Places. You’ll need a physical address to do this. Make sure the information you provide such as location and phone number is up to date. Claim your business on various reputable and relevant local directories and make sure the information that is displayed is consistent across the board. Have a place where you record all the websites where your business is listed so that you can make changes across all sites when you need to. Also include as many geo-targeted keywords as possible when adding information on your listings. This includes keywords in your meta tag title, headers and content. Avoid keyword stuffing as it will look spammy and result in your listing being flagged.

Develop A Good Review System

If you want your business to get the most visibility on local search, you need to get as many reviews as possible from your customers. You’ll notice most local businesses that rank high on search have one thing in common, multiple reviews. Reviews tend to add relevance to search results by providing additional content that is generated by users rather than the business itself. Don’t worry too much about negative reviews. Just make sure you respond so that other people can see that you have attempted to resolve the matter by communicating to the customer.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media can be used as a great tool for building strong relationships with customers. These people will become loyal followers of your brand and spread the gospel about your service or products to their following. Social media also gives you a platform to showcase your new products, make announcements and keep in touch with your target consumers. Use social media to generate engagement not just for advertisement. Consider running contests, publishing interesting videos and fun stories that are not directly related to your product or service.

Form Networks With Other Partners

Your startup needs proper networks in order to grow both offline and online. When it comes to online, you can partner with other organizations that may not be your direct competitors to link to your website and help improve your search rankings. Linking your business to another that offers a complementary product and has been in the industry for much longer can help to promote trust and boost your website rankings.

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