SEO Experts in Toronto Offer Ideas on How to Update and Optimize Old Content

How to Update and Optimize Old Content

SEO Experts in Toronto

According to SEO experts, Toronto businesses can tweak old content to make it rank again. If your company has a website, you will need to work hard to not only make it to the first page of search results, but to stay on the first page. Rankings are not permanent.

While it’s important to regularly put up new content and make updates, you don’t want to forget about the old content. Just because it doesn’t rank anymore doesn’t mean that it’s useless. Let Google know that it’s not outdated by refreshing it.

SEO Experts Toronto

Avoid A Drop In Rankings

You can avoid a drop in rankings by getting search engines to recognize your old content again. Here are a few techniques that will help:

– Review the old content and compare it with new content. How much of the information is outdated? Make changes where relevant. Update the old information so that it is current. For instance, if you are referencing old technology, you will want to either take that reference out or modify it so that it references newer technology. This doesn’t have to take long – you can simply take out irrelevant information and add a few sentences here and there to make the content current.

– Add references to old pages in the newer content, and vice versa. You will want all pages on your site to integrate smoothly. Tie similar pages together by linking back and forth. Give visitors the chance to learn more about certain topics by giving them access to archives.

– Take note of the keywords you used in old content. Are you still trying to rank for those exact keywords? If the pages are no longer ranking then you might want to try other keywords. Do research to find out which ones you should be using. Test them out to determine which ones are most effective.

– Increase the visibility of old pages. You can do this by providing links to them on the main page. Some websites only have recent updates listed on the main page – don’t make this mistake. If the users aren’t aware of the existence of the old pages, how can they be expected to visit them?

– In addition to internal links, you need to check external links. Some of the sites that you linked to in your old content might be outdated themselves, if not outright shutdown. Stop linking to those sites; you don’t want to have any broken links on your site whatsoever. While you’re at it, make sure there are no spammy or negative websites are linking back to your pages.

– Don’t forget about images. One way you can update old content is by adding new pictures to the page. Google Images and Pinterest drive a lot of traffic to websites – especially blogs. Optimize the new images by labeling them with a keyword.

– Write a follow-up post. If there is too much outdated information, you can write a response post that contains updated information. Add a summary of the old content at the start of the new post. Explain how things have changed over the months or years and point out the differences. Don’t forget to add the link to the follow up post on the old page.

The right techniques for you, of course will depend somewhat on your particular site and the industry that your business is in. If you are working with SEO experts in Toronto, they will help you decide on how to best deal with old content.

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