Optimizing Content: SEO Or Content Writing?

SEO Or Content Writing?

Strong Online Presence

While some people use the terms SEO and content marketing interchangeably, these are two separate disciplines that are key to maintaining a strong online presence. Digital marketing gurus focus on the technical aspect of ranking websites, which is SEO, as well as the creative side of things, mostly in content marketing, in order to make sure web pages favor both users and search engines. In situations where content is written for search engines, it becomes spammy and most people may not share it within their circles. Striking a balance between search engine optimization and creative content writing is always important.

Optimizing Content

Content Should Be Optimized And Well-Written

A few years ago, when black-hart SEO techniques had taken over the web, many people wrote content in order to trick search engines to rank their pages high on SERP. Search engines later revised their algorithms to ensure people pay attention to the quality content that was being published on their web pages. Gone are the days when you would fix keywords in a blog title that made it sound unnatural in order to rank high on search.

Search engines will really look at how users have interacted with your content in order to determine how well it is going to be ranked for relevant searches. For instance, if your blog contains all the relevant keywords with proper placement, but it doesn’t flow naturally, most people will visit the page and move away fast because of poor quality content. Search engines will translate this high bounce rate as a negative factor that undermines your rankings. That’s why SEO specialists are taking time to develop content marketing strategies with a goal to remain creative, unique and SEO friendly.

Generate Engagement And Boost Traffic

The best type of content is not only well-optimized for search but also engaging to users. Web users will always share your content if the information you provide is helpful, interesting and new. If you make it a habit to rewrite posts that have been covered on different platforms, you risk negatively affecting web rankings due to duplication and also losing user interest.

Content writers should focus on what they do best, which is making sure the information is captivating and relevant to users. SEO experts on the other hand, should be able to help bring out the content in a way that search engines will easily crawl and index the web page. This includes taking steps to make the post or page SEO friendly like adding meta description and title tags.

Avoid Duplicated Content

The worst that you can do is to copy and paste content from different platforms and share it like your own. Google considers this as a major issue and can even penalize your website for it. You never have to reinvent the wheel by coming up with fresh information. Get inspiration from other platforms that offer a similar product or service and then make it uniquely yours. Make sure the content is published well, avoid heavy images, very small fonts and make use of internal links to boost SEO.

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