SEO Tips 2014

Best SEO Tips for 2014

You Need to Have Great SEO

What are Some of the Best SEO Tips for 2014? We often get asked for SEO tips. Without good SEO, you are destined to fail at online marketing. The problem is that just about everyone now knows this fact and is scrambling to optimize their websites. That means that good SEO is no longer enough. You need to have great SEO – or at least SEO that is better than your competition’s.

Having quality SEO content and backlinks to your website are vital. But everyone is doing that, so it isn’t enough to make you rise above the crowd. More and more, business is seeking out other ways to give them the extra edge in their SEO strategy. So here are a few extra SEO tips to help your business in 2014.

SEO Tips

Optimize the Title Tags

Title tags are your first opportunity to tell your users (and search engine spiders) what you page is about. If you simply use the title “Home” for your home page, you are wasting that opportunity. Instead use the name of your business or words that describe what your business does or offers.

Optimize Your Description Tags

Have you ever done a search on Google and noticed that some of the descriptions under the links in the search results had certain words bolded. If you clicked on the link, you may have found it strange that you could not locate the exact sentences on the webpage itself. The reason that you could not find the exact same write up on the website, is because in the Google search, the snippet that you were looking at was actually pulled from the page’s description tag.

Write a decent description tag, and Google just may use it in your search results depending on what keywords the user is searching.

Use Various Media

Photos, videos, pdfs and infographics can all add richness to your web content and help to engage your user more. A site with interesting graphics and videos can not only be more informative, but it will also get users to stay at your site for longer which can help with your SEO.

A word of caution with this technique is that everything you do on your site still has to make sense and done within the principles of good design. If you over do it, your site could become cluttered and confusing.

Long Tail Keywords

Focusing on longer keywords can help to improve your SEO ranking quickly because there is not as much competition for longer phrases as there is for shorter ones. Another benefit is that conversion from long tail keyword searches is often higher because you are addressing a more specific issue that is of interest to the user.

Encourage Social Media

Social media can provide a quick way for others to link to your site. Being active on social media can introduce others to your business and it can also be a natural referral method as friends of your fans will see some of your messages as well.

Additionally, you can add tweet, like and share buttons to your site where appropriate.

Doing the little bit extra in SEO may just be the advantage you need. For future tips please continue to like and follow us!

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