Site Security Could Soon Determine Ranking In Google Search Results

Ranking In Google Search Results

Site Security

Site security may soon become one of the factors that determine ranking on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Google is said to be considering adjusting its search engine algorithm to have secure sites ranking much higher in an effort to push websites to adopt security protocols. The move will be a reward to secure sites with security becoming a key factor in where a site lies on the SERPs. With such motivation it is expected that more websites will make the switch. This will have the effect of making it hard to spy on website users online.

Website Security

Encrypted Data

With the data encrypted, it becomes harder for hackers and spying eyes to get to the user as the encryption creates a barrier. The head of liaison between Google’s search team and web designers has also expressed a desire to see this approach taken and adopted by Google. Given Google’s past experiences of tweaking the algorithm to promote certain behavior while discouraging others then this is likely to happen at some point in future as negotiations are currently ongoing. Website security has been an issue strongly advocated by Google with sites containing malicious software getting a dip and more actors taking up website security. It could soon join the over 200 other factors that determine site ranking.

Website security even in the face of data encryption has continued to face challenges. An example is the discovery of the Heartbleed bug an exploit in the Open SSL scheme for data encryption. It affected more than half a million websites leaving them vulnerable for tampering. It is such cases that prompt Google to offer an incentive to web designers and managers to have them proactively secure their sites and looking for loopholes and plug them.

Impact Of Having Websites Switch To SSL

Making the websites to move to SSL will cause some problems on the short run for certain websites. For smaller sites the migration to SSL technology will have no problems. The security certificates for them are not expensive. There is also little configuration to move and many adaptations can seamlessly be added.

The challenge is however on larger websites. There is extensive reconfigurations to be done as well as testing. The other challenge is on cost. SSL certificates for larger websites are very expensive. It is even higher for older sites and most of the big websites presently are the older ones.

The other challenge for sites that have to move to SSL technology is SEO. The migration affects the URL structure which impacts negatively on the ranking. This is because Google ranks sites based on unique URLs.

For sites which aim to beat the algorithm, they will easily try and migrate unless Google has stringent measures of the security of ones site’s. Some sites may suffer in the short run but the end benefit is a more secure world wide web. For sites still coming up, it is much easier implementing the SSL scheme right now. This allows you not only to secure your data and your user but also places your site on a better position for the time when security will be part of Google’s search engine algorithm.

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